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Oh my goodness, this place looks insanely beautiful. I want to jump in the pool, sleep in that bed, hike that little trail. I’m about to book my ticket now!

Ah so nice! This is what we missed during our Bali trip. We decided to stay by the beach and skip the tours! Another reason to go back to Bali 🙂

Everything looks so luxurious! I love the yellow wall. = ) I think you got a personalized service from the staff. You looked so pampered too. I love the surroundings. It will make the whole experience more enjoyable for the guests.

This is one of those hotels that I see in those “top 10 luxurious hotel” pins that make me desperate to be a millionaire! What an incredible experience! Would love to go to this hotel one day!

Hi Katie. Thanks for reading! I assure you I’m not a millionaire! After staying a week at a beautiful villa for $40/night, we decided to splurge for one nights at Maya Ubud. Upcoming post will be about how you don’t need to spend much money to have a great time in Bali!

The hotel is so gorgeous. I love that yellow bedroom so much. Looks so cozy..and there is so much greenery around.

That is one gorgeous property. It looks so huge! I think it’s a destination on its own.

Wow it sounds amaziiing! I live in Bali and I think I once will try to go there and treat myself. Thank you for sharing!

I love how much nature there is around. Would definitely check this place out, although its probably outside my budget hahaha.

The resort looks perfect blend of nature and luxury. We would love to visit it someday

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