15 Things to Do in Ann Arbor, Michigan
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I think I’d have gone for a fruit tea if they were on the menu, if not a traditional Irish tea. Being English I love a traditional English tea with Scones, jam and creme so if I was homesick in Ann Arbor I’d go straight to the Teahaus. This looks like a fun town to spend a couple of days in.

I’ve not been to Michigan before but I do love historical places you can wander around – Ann Arbor clearly hits the spot. And as Brit- a place for tea and cake is always welcome too! My favourite would be clotted cream and scones!!

TeaHaus does look yummy!!! I think I’d try the Blue Nile as well – I don’t think I’ve ever tried Ethiopian food!!! I’d love to visit Rock Paper Scissors too! I’m sure I’ll get too excited there!

Ann Arbor was the setting of a book series I used to read as a teenager, so I’ve always wondered at the back of my mind if there’s anything to do there! Seems like there’s quite a lot! I’m a sucker for pretty paper and stationery and easily get stuck in those kind of shops for hours on end, so I think Rock Paper Scissors Shop would have to be a must if I ever visit.

The pictures made my mouth water. I definitely want to visit Rock Paper Scissors and buy so much from there. Art fairs have always been my favorite. Thanks for a perfect list of places to visit.

I’d never consider going to Ann Arbor or even Michigan! Now I’m prepared to give it a go when I next return to the States. The food here looks so tempting. I’d be tempted to spend a whole afternoon hiding from the world in the Teahaus!

I’ve never been to Michigan before, but being a foodie this sounds a perfect pace to visit!

Have never been to Michigan before but the place looks beautiful. Would love to visit someday especially the art deco theatres and food scene looks quite inviting. Good to know that vegan selection with tea is also served in cafes 🙂

I love the sound of Four Directions. It sounds like my type of shop.
I’m also one for visiting nice little coffee shops. I always need to get my coffee fix in the morning and it is a wonderful place to hang out and people watch.
I haven’t been to Michigan but I know where to head when I do. Thank you

Yeah, Ann Arbor is pretty special and you can spend weeks there are not explore all the shops and restaurants.

Buzzfeed called Ann Arbor one of the best foodie towns in America, and Main Street has been listed on 3 separate sites as the best Main Street in America. Another fun thing to do, especially with kids, is the Fairy Doors, the Hands On Museum, and on April 8, 2018, the Festifools. Free music concerts on Fridays in the summer, Taste of Ann Arbor, and of course, football Saturdays. Here is the website, with places to eat, places to stay, and things to do. Come, visit, and come back again and again. https://www.visitannarbor.org/home

Here is the Buzzfeed article from 2014. A couple of places have closed, but still a great checklist https://www.buzzfeed.com/tashweenali/best-restaurants-in-ann-arbor?utm_term=.bbp867R58#.wp7MOv0QM

I’m a Michigander, born and raised, and you have pretty much captured the essence of A2, as it’s fondly called. The Art Fairs have to be seen to be believed-miles of artisan booths, including an impressive student pottery sale. It’s a great town to do a pub crawl in, after a Wolverines home game. Old Town, Conor O’Neil’s, Grizzly Peak–great pubs with pretty great food and selection of beers. It’s a quirky town and devoting time to people-watch is a must!

You should also know that at the Michigan Theater, they still have an organ player before the film begins and every year they get one Sundance selection to premiere here. Also, Dominicks is a very cool restaurant that has awesome sangria served in mason jars.

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