2014 in Review: My Year of Travel
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I would say mine was discovering Japan. 🙂

What’s your favorite part of Japan? I’ve been wanting to visit Okinawa.

Ah, NZ being number 1 on the list makes me excited for my roadtrip in a month!!

21 year old backpacker currently an expat in New Zealand

Ahhh, I would go back to NZ in a heartbeat. You’re going to love it! Just take your time. I rushed through my road trip a bit fast, there’s just so much to explore!

My! You always look so great! I should definitely read your posts about packing, if you have some! Also, more in the subjects, Tokyo seems totally beautiful.

Thank you, Annie. Yes, I have lots to stay about travel style. Will be posting more!

Wow, you’ve been to so many exciting places this year! Japan has intrigued me for a long time, I am hoping to get to Tokyo one of these days. Even better to know it’s a good foodie destination!

Yes, this was an exciting year. I’m really excited about 2015 as well. Hope your dream of visiting Tokyo is realized!

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