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These pictures are absolutely beautiful! I’m taking a solo trip to Beijing and Hong Kong in the fall and I was on the fence about a day trip to Macau…you’ve convinced me it’s a must-see!

Thank you, Bethany. I hope you love it. Stay tuned for a Macau giveaway very soon!

I think that I had an (inaccurate) perception that Macau was all glitzy casinos. But the photography here shows a very different side of the island. Very intruiging

Wow…I had no clue that Macau had this. We went to Macau and ended up seeing only the glitz. This place seems to have so much character. Loved the fountain pic!

As usual, totally love the virtual tour that your pictures take me on. Some of these so closely resemble the streets of my own town here in India. Lovely!

Brilliant and love how you captured the vibrancy of Macau. I was there as a small kid and although have been to HK, just never took the boat over to Macau. I hear it has really developed quite a bit now and is more of a playground of the rich and famous. Your photos though capture a very authentic and “vintage” Macau that is in touch with its culture.

Beautiful pictures! It really is like Europe and Asia had a child together. I know nothing about this place or even where it is but you’ve definitely piqued my interest…

I was so sad that I couldn’t make it to Macau when I was in Hong Kong. Now I really wish I had made the effort after seeing your amazing photos of Macau. It looks so vibrant.

Really love your photos. I don’t know much about Macau either. I love how colourful and ornate all the buildings are.

I never thought a city in China would be so colorful and charming! The cobblestone streets really are a photographer’s dream — I wouldn’t be able to stop taking photos! Macau totally looks like it has some European flare!

Sounds and looks spectacular! How lucky are you to stay in luxury and be treated like a star. Very well done, seems like hard work pays off! And what beautiful photos you took! Indeed a photographers dream 😉

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