hong kong big buddha
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Hong Kong is a really beautiful place which definitely shows in your images. I particularly love the one picture of the tilted building – well done. Riding the gondola also sounds quite amazing.

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Wow your photos are absolutely breathtaking! I’m visiting Hong Kong in 2018 and can’t wait after seeing these shots! I never knew about the gondola before reading this, so it’s great to know for future travels! Happy Travels 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful trip. I’d love to go back!

We recently went through Hong Kong and saw those gondolas. Wow, what an incredible journey that must have been with a glass bottom. You look fabulous in that shirt by the way. It goes great with your hair. Great find.

Thanks so much, Coleman!

Wow. Just wow, seeing the pictures of the Big Buddha are just incredible. How amazing to see it for yourself, and I love the different perspectives you’ve got. I’d love to try a glass bottom gondola, seems like it would be a relaxing and fun trip!

Thanks, Sam!

your pictures are mind-blowing!!I will be in Hong-Kong with my girlfriend this year and these photos really spoke to our imagination.You are a really talented photographer.

Wow, thanks Nicholas!

I loved visiting the Big buddha when I was in Hong Kong. Its great to get the cable car and feel like you are out of the city and the views from that area are stunning. I had no idea when I first got to Hong Kong how green it would be and how you could feel like you are out of the city.

Yes, one of the truly memorable tourist experiences in HK.

I’ve been to Hk three times but never made it to the Big Buddha. You have some nice shots. I especially like the one with the sun setting.

Oh, I hope you get to go next time.

I have been here…and felt that i was totally out of HK. It was so peaceful and quiet…I loved the monk food at the temple. It cost a little extra but was so worth it as I was struggling for veg food in HK. You are lucky that you had such a clear day…my pics are all hazy cos of the mist!
Happy travelling!

Yes, good food too!

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