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I feel like it could be SO much more! Can we make it a campground? I would LOVE to bring my tent and camp there. Can you imagine the stars!

All you have to do is join the Boy Scouts of Guam because they were camping on Cocos Island when I was there! You might contact them to see how they got permission for that. It would be beautiful!

Cocos Island is a favorite place of mine to go to. although is very different from the way it was in the 1980’s when there are 1500 or more tourists each day, there were cottages you could stay overnight, and beaches were more untouched and natural. Marine pollution has reduced the live coral and fish you can see if you are snorkeling. In that period, Thirty years ago, on a trip away from Guam, I met a New Zealander who had been there and he described it as a piece of “heaven on earth”. I felt very proud being from Guam. Cocos island is still a beautiful place. Last time I was there, I found a hammock between two trees, and enjoyed a nap. The wildlife is wonderful, with many more birds visible than anywhere on Guam.

That sounds awesome. I would love to stay there overnight. Too bad they haven’t redeveloped that industry.

I have never actually heard of Cocos Island until I read your blog post about it. Your photos are stunning! The activities sound like so much fun and it sounds like a lovely place to visit! Thanks for sharing!!

Your pictures of Cocos Island are so colourful. A real paradise island by the looks of things. My dad was a merchant seaman and used to tell me stories about the pacific islands – Guam and New Caledonia, were his favourites; we’re Scottish and New Caledonia is ‘New Scotland’. He told me that his ship had to drop anchor at New Caledonia (back in the 1950’s) because a big storm was forecast. The crew were allowed on land and my dad couldn’t believe that the locals spoke French in New Scotland. He loved it though; Guam too.

As always, love your pics. The beach looks pristine. And the views are just amazing. Sounds like a perfect destination to unwind.

Cocos Island looks like a beautiful place! It must be an amazing spot to bird watch. I guess once I’ve been to all the US states, I’ll need to visit all the territories and finally visit Guam.

Cocos Island looks like paradise! We were just in the Belize Cayes over the holidays and it reminds me of Caye Caulker. Would love to visit Guam one day, just wish it were closer to home!

Wow those photos are superb. I can almost hear the crystal clear water lapping at the shore. I would love to go kayaking there.

Looks like an amazing place to visit. Thanks for the tip on the additional costs. I don’t usually do resort style things so this cost would have caught me out!

It looks like paradise to me- I love the idea of the water sports – especially the paragliding and the jungle looks quite dense and great to go exploring in. Thanks for. the tips bout bringing your own towels and lunch! Always good to save a bit of money!

The indigenous name of the island is Dåno’.

Im gonna leave a honest no sugar coated review….the place is completely ruin down and away below expectations like much of guam. Its potential is there but guam doesnt bother to make it what it could be. Examples of it being run down the sign for coco island isnt even in tack most the letters have fallen off. The pool is broken and unuseable. They have a dun buggy ride that the pics look cool but when your actual dun buggy shows up its a rusted death trap that looks like its gonna fall apart the moment you start moving i feared putting my family in them. The package includes a meal when you visit which looks like your old elementary school cafeteria lady made which isnt even fair to say about her because she was actually proply a better cook then them. The food saftey score they got was a C. The extra drinks like water and soda and snacks are way over priced you would think you were at Disneyland or something looking at the prices. The only positive thing i think i could say about the whole experience is that it was the best parasailing locations on island. If your only going for the beach then stay way from the run down tourist trap there are better beachs on the island of guam and this place is just not worth your money you will be disappointed

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