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I’ll keep this in mind. great tips!

Thanks, Camila.

Know your phone’s limits. You may want to invest in a battery supplement like the Mophie Juice Packs or a portable battery with a USB port to plug your phone into so you don’t miss great footage due to a dead battery.

Knowing your phone also means knowing its capacity limits. If you have Android, you may be able to bring a microSD card, but if you’re on iOS, HD video will eat up your space like a 15 year old at a Cici’s Pizza buffet. If you shoot any slow-mo it will take up double to four times the space. If you plan to use your iPhone for travel videos spring for at least the 32GB model and delete apps, music, and movies/tv shows that take up gobs of space if you know you won’t need them on your trip. You can always put them back on when you get home after you’ve off-loaded your footage. You can even see which apps are taking the most space by going to Settings>General>Usage>Manage Storage.

Great tips. We should hire you!

Great tips! Thank you!

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