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this is a great bucket list!!!


Thanks, Camila.

That looks like a great bucket list 🙂 The Northern lights are beautiful, actually had the privelege of seeing it where I live last Friday (just outside Oslo), not common to have the Northern lights so far South in Norway. Also visited Cinque Terre this summer, it is so beautiful, you have to og there. Iceland is great also, get a car and drive around.

You’ve done it all! How exciting. Any recommendations for Cinque Terre and Iceland?

Great bucket list! I’ve been to Seoul many times, but nowhere else on this list. It’s a pretty cool city, if incredibly crowded.
I’m planning to visit Iceland this spring–I won’t get to see the Northern Lights, but I’m still hopeful to see them this winter in Canada. Actually, I got an email alert that they were visible last night–unfortunately I have no car so getting away from the light pollution of the city is a bit difficult.

Awesome. Any recommended spots in Seoul?

I would definitely hit up Namsan for the view of the city, and I loved Insadong for more traditional Korean culture (like calligraphy shops) alongside modern art galleries–though they can both be quite touristy. Myeongdong is tempting for shopping, but it’s absolutely packed–Sinsa is smaller but still a good area for that stuff. Hongdae is OK if you want to partying–it’s a younger crowd near the University. It’s also good for shopping–more small boutiques and that kind of thing. I’ve heard most hip Koreans go to bars in Gangnam and you’ll run into less foreign tourists there. You’ll want to check out a couple of palaces: Gyeongbok and Changdeok.

I also think it’s worth it to take the subway to check out Namiseom and Chuncheon to the east (if for Dakgalbi Street alone). The subway is the best way to get around the city (and cheapest).
I think that comment is long enough, haha. I’m happy to talk about it more when you have more concrete plans!

Thank you for all the recommendations!

Good stuff–never been to any of these (yet).

Nice list! I would add Dadahaus Cabaret Voltaire in Switzerland http://tripfreakz.com/offthebeatenpath/dadahaus-cabaret-voltaire

It is a great place but is missed often.

A few of these are also on my bucket list as well! I am planning to visit Iceland this year and Seoul hopefully next year.

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