7 Things to Know About China Travel
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To be honest – I have some mixed feelings about China. I know quite many people who traveled there or even live there and all is amazing. But especially this health damaging smog and the restrictions regarding everything online… for me traveling means something else. But probably when I have seen many other places as well before, China comes to my list. But nevertheless great tips that you share here, especially the VPN how-to. Thanks a lot for this 🙂

Some great tips for first time China travellers. I knew FB was banned in China, but had no idea about Instagram. Also never thought about how to access the websites linked to Facebook, thanks for the headsup. I have never been to China, though I was always fascinated by the history and culture. Thanks for all the helpful points.

I wish I had read these tips before visiting China! It took us such a long hassle to get our Visas and yeah we had to set up a VPN to access websites we love! One thing I didn’t anticipate was the difference in weather, we visited in March and in Chengdu it was incredibly warm but after a few hours in Shanghai we were rushing to the shops to buy hoodies!

Having been to China annually for 8 years to visit family, I can vouch for all of these. I remember when I traveled with my friends to China, watching the shock on their faces when we went to a public bathroom was priceless, especially in the more rural-like areas. They decided to just do their business every morning before we left.

Wow, I learned a lot about China that I didn’t know, as I’ve never been there. I didn’t know that Google, Facebook, Instagram etc were all blocked there, nor did I know that it’s perfectly fine to spit on the streets etc. That would’ve been a strange experience for me as a European. Also to bring my own toilet paper.

Spitting and lack of public hygiene is seen in all developing countries. I have seen it in India, China, Bolivia and even in Brazil. Maybe thats what travel does…tells us problems that a nation has and why people behave in a certain fashion…its learning beyond books!

Great things to know for anyone thinking of going to China. I am lucky my partner has lived there so it was quite hassle free and expectations were met from his experience!

Such good info for anyone travelling to China. I’ve been and to be totally honest, wasn’t a huge fan. But will have to give it another shot in the future. Thanks for sharing!

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