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Beautiful pictures!
I’m totally into hiking, cable car is always last resort 🙂
Maybe, if I’ll be lucky enough, I’ll visit Zhangjiajie Park one day and I’m wondering if there are any dirt trails? I’m not a very big fan of hiking on concrete paths…

Hi Joanna. I didn’t see any dirt trails, but there were some pockets of the park I didn’t explore.

I had no idea Avatar was filmed there! Looks like a truly stunning place, and that punk rock caterpillar is the coolest one I’ve seen ever. I’m very curious to find out now what the top looks like, or what the views look like anyway, would you ever go back to try it again you reckon?

When we lived in China I heard great things about this part of the country but we never made it over there. Gorgeous photos! I’m definitely going to have to go back to China someday!

I’m actually headed to China in January and reading this made me even more excited about my upcoming trip!

You travel everywhere! I love it! Seriously hope you come by Seattle some time. Would love to link up!

I’m heading to China next year and I’m definitely looking forward to exploring some of the stunning national parks there. This one is being added to the list, it sounds like a grand adventure.

This looks like so much fun. I have never done a cable car but I really want to. Sounds like there is a lot to see, if we go we would take your advice and stay more than three days for sure. We would love to see as much of it as possible

I will use cable car because I love to see the whole view of downside from top. Hiking is beautiful but very hectic for me. I can climb down but goint up is a task. Nature here is superb and I like the photographs of pillar rocks.

Thank you, Amit!

Looks absolutely amazing. I ridden on a similar cable car to the top of a mountain that had a trail you could hike instead. But like I said, I took the easy way by cable car. This park looks like it would be worth the hike.

Yes, worth the hike! You will lose weight in China!

This is really the Avatar world! It looks unbelievable. You should have spent a week exploring this massive park. I think there are so many options to navigate this area. I would choose the cable car first. There are probably a variety of species that live here too.

Iza c/o (Fill My Passport)

Thanks for reading, Marissa!

The landscape here is so incredible – even more so than the Avatar film it inspired. I can totally understand your desire to see it yourself. I hope to explore Zhangjiajie National Park myself one day. My China list just keeps getting longer and longer!

Oh I know. So much of China to explore!

Whoa! I didn’t know you could visit those mountains. I have
seen the movie and had loved it. I didn’t know these existed in China. Like you
I would also prefer a hike over cable car. You observe and connect more that

I’m impressed with the Avatar connection, I can see it in your pictures. I just IMDB’d Wingmen, it will be interesting to see this movie when it comes out. It sounds like fun working your way around the park with the Chinese maps!

Oh, Chinese maps. They’re funny if nothing else.

I have been reading so much about Zhangjiajie National Forest Park after Avatar that I can’t just ignore this amazing place! Stunning pictures! The caterpillar totally rocks! My God 🙂

Ha ha. Isn’t he cute?

Wow! Just wow!! We, too, love the visuals of the movie Avatar and I had no idea you could see such amazing things in real life! We have not visited China, but it is high on our list and wow – we can not visit China without seeing this magical place. The photos are nothing short of stunning!

Thanks, Natalie. I hope you see it with your own eyes one day. Magical is right.

This has been extremely helpful! Getting information has been difficult as I am sure you know. I was already booked at the No. 5 Valley Inn and have been questioning that but you have re-affirmed that I absolutely made the right choice for me:) I had one question, it seems that you hiked the route of the cable car instead of taking the cable car, correct? How long did that hike take? I appreciate your insight, thanks!

Hi Marc. So glad this was helpful. We took the cable car up and back, then did a separate hike for hours but never actually reached the top. It’s a long and steep hike. We spent three days in the park and didn’t see it all.


I need help. I booked No.5 hotel, however I have literally only 1 day in Zhangjiajie. How can I get into the park, do the cable car and get to my train at 7pm? Please help! I’ve been researching it for hours and it looks like getting to the entrance alone will be over an hour!

Hi Kelsey,

Have you called No. 5 hotel? They can usually provide a ride to the park entrance if a driver is available.

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