No. 5 Valley B&B, Zhanjiajie, China
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Wow! Your pictures are amazing. Yangjiajie looks so beautiful. That guesthouse reminds me of the mountain lodges of Nepal, and the views from it are stunning. Lucky you!

This place is gorgeous – I absolutely love the exterior design (and that cute dog)! The owners did a great job in keeping in line with traditional design while incorporating modern amenities. It must be so relaxing to wake up in such a peaceful setting.

You’ve captured the place absolutely wonderfully. I can’t imagine waking up to a view like that, don’t think I would sleep a wink… The style of the rooms seem like a great mix between traditional and modern. I’ll love to visit one day!

This looks like the perfect place to stay! I always love the way you seem to capture the essence of different places so amazingly in your photos. I hope one day I can visit this part of China, seems great for photographers!

I’ve never been to Yang Jia Jie in all of my visits to China, but seeing some of your other posts, it might be one of my top places to check out when I go back! The No. 5 Valley B&B looks amazing as well. Very charming looking place in the mountains where you can still be immersed in the landscape and culture. Like Leah said, probably is an amazing places for photographers!

Wow I look how the No. 5 Valley B&B have decorated their place. It looks so rustic with the rope on the stairway etc.
I haven’t been to mainland china before. I love that they have given an additional discount for your readers. That is very kind of them.

This places looks incredible. I love how authentic and rustic the place is, how it uses a lot of natural materials to build, and how it makes the most of the view from the nature that surrounds. I would love to explore more of Mainland China one day, and this is the type of place that would make your experience all the more authentic. The homemade rice wine at Luna Bar does sound like a fun way to end the evening at No. 5 Valley B&B

This B&B looks so peaceful and charming! I would love to visit 🙂 China is such a fantastic place to explore, I love how every place you visit is so different !

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