A Walk Through Rural Zhanghjiajie, China
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I have read a few of your posts and am always impressed with the quality of your pictures. The scenery in Zhangjiajie is lovely, and I like all the people pics too. I also like to photograph the locals whenever I am traveling and have some great ‘people pictures’ that I shot in Nepal. Good post as usual. Thanks for sharing.

Wow! your photos are beautiful! China is a place I have dreamed of travelling to. The culture looks so fascinating to me. I love how honest you were about the fear you experienced on your journey. So glad that you were safe though. lovely post, Im excited to read more of your stuff and maybe check out a film.

Really great photos of the people. Definitely genuinely capture of what daily life looks like. I think most people that go to China get surprised what it’s actually like, despite being a Communist nation. I know some people that thought it would be more in the lines of like North Korea. I’ve seen your previous posts of YangJiaJie and I’m definitely hoping to go there someday.

Your post makes me fondly recall the time I spent in China back in 2010. Your photos are fabulous again, as usual! I like the point you made about how to approach people to take their pictures. I usually err on the side of not doing it, because I’m afraid it will make them angry or annoyed. Just reading your post makes me think I’ll try it one day — respectfully, of course!

I love all your pictures of locals! It captures so much more of the culture than just the sights. We were in China in 2015 and I completely resonate with your feelings, it was a huge step out of my comfort zone!

This is wonderful! I love discovering off the beaten track places like this, in a country as huge as China there’s so many great places to be found. Everyone (or most) looks happy in your pictures! Your photos show what life is like for people who live there.

Wow! Talk about off the beaten path. It looks like you discovered a true hidden gem here. Your photography is stunning. I love how you captured the true essence of the place and the people. Really well done.

I would love to go to this part of China. I didn’t get chance when I was in China 2 years ago. It looks like a stunning area to visit from your photos 🙂

Hi Clare. Where’d you go in China? Did you like it?

My favourite pic is that of the duck….so cute! What game are the locals playing…I havent seen anything like it in Inida. I would have gone only to Beijing in China but your pics have inspired me to visit the interiors as well.

Hi Sonia. I think the locals were playing Mahjong.

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