Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China
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it looks magical! Great pics – I want to visit! I was all over mainland China, but didn’t make it here. I loved the Guilin area

Magical is right. Guilin too!

Loved Guilin! I still need to post those photos on Visit50.com. Hopefully this weekend!

yessss! agreed

Gorgeos! Great tips before going on China vacation!

Wow this is amazing! Totally has changed the way I view China- so much more than the Great Wall of China!! You are right- I just want to pack my bags and go! Thanks for sharing

Thanks for reading, Grace!

You have some amazing pictures it looks incredible!! So many people just think of the Great Wall, but China is so vast and there are so many cool things to see. Thanks for sharing hope we make it one day!

Thanks so much, guys!

You are right, those photos do make me want to go to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Those spires are gorgeous — I love karst landscapes, and this one is extra amazing. The monkeys are pretty cute, too! And I do love all the photos of people.

I could people- and monkey-watch here for hours!

I can see why Avatar would have been inspired by this. Such a beautiful setting and truly like out of this world. The monkeys look really cheeky indeed! You as an Avatar? I thought that was straight from the movie! Well done on the paint.

Ha ha. That’s a totally Photoshopped pic of me, but I love that it looks like paint!

wow!! The whole place and the lanscapes seem to be from another world! Loved every single of your pictures. I hope one day I can visit China, this place will be on my bucket list for sure. And the Bailong Elevator must be such an experience!
Thanks for sharing 😉

Cool. Thanks, Sheila.

We are great fan of Avatar and would definitely wanna visit and see these stunning karst spires and see them in person. They are bewitching indeed. And that picture of lift looks astounding, looks like one incredible man made creation. China had never been on list but looks like need to add now 🙂

Bewitching is a great word to describe this park. Thanks, guys!

Yes yes…the place wants to make my pack my bags and go! I have never been to China…but each time I thought of , I always thought of the great wall and Xian. This is a new picture…beautiful natural structures. I also want to see the rainbow mountain. You have put China back on my list of must go countries!

Can you believe I still haven’t seen the Great Wall?

I cant seem to get my mind around the scale of these! Its so beautiful! I have definitely always wanted to visit and these photos have just inspired me even more. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

I hope you do visit, Carlinn. Thanks for reading my blog!

I couldn’t have chosen a more apt word than ethereal for Zhangjiajie and it really isn’t difficult to see why somewhere so cinematic could be inspiration for a movie. Your shots are fantastic, I really do envy your photography skills. Indeed, they were so good that they kind of gave me vertigo! I’m actually not living to far away from here at the minute and will certainly try to make the voyage up there before too long

Oh cool. Where do you live, Gareth?

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