The magic of Guilin, China
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I’ve been wanting to visit this little bit of China for a very long time. I’m so envious! Your experience sounds like what I imagined – boats and hiking… though I never imagined the goats!

Guilin is on my list as are many places in China. Thanks for the chance to travel vicariously through your gorgeous photos.

Once again,your pictures are simply stunning. And a home-cooked vegetarian meal in china does sound tempting to me. Although I haven’t been there, your post is tempting me to

Stunning pictures and beautifully written post! The view of river is spectacular. Glad to see that you had a great time there.

What stunning images, set up beautifully by your evocative opening description!

china is such a great place to visit. Your photographs depict the rusticness of the place and that is where its beauty lies. I would love to go there myself one day. Real china can only be discovered in the small things that you have brilliantly captured in your photos.

Your photos are a story itself. It brings out such lovely nuances of China. Loved going through them and honestly, I went through them over and over again!

I love this post. Such incredible detail. And after you described your experience so beautifully, I was able to see it all in pictures. Incredible!

This place looks indeed magical – your photos are also so strikingly beautiful that makes me one to take a plane and visit there now :).

I can’t believe you got the entire place to yourselves, super lucky. All your pics are amazing, my favourite is the last one, the colour of that sunset!

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