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Thank you for posting about travel that is financially responsible! It’s so refreshing to see a realistic perspective on travel planning. Saving for a trip: what a concept these days, huh? My girlfriends and I skip birthday presents and expensive dinner celebrations during the year and instead take a girls’ weekend trip once a year. I’ve done the same thing with family that’s not local – we plan on a trip together instead of birthday and holiday gifts. It’s so much more meaningful and fun to spend time together!

That’s a great suggestion. I was thinking something similar — instead of buying gifts for special occasions, give someone an experience like a homemade dinner. Those savings add up!

I’m so happy I stopped getting expensive haircuts and color years ago! It has saved me literally hundreds of dollars per year! Great advice here but you’re right, knowing what to do and sticking to it are two completely different things!

Those little savings add up!

This is a great post and a common topic that I always find interesting to read about, as though each blog post about it will reveal some exciting trick to saving for travel. At the end of the day I think it really just comes down to just doing it! Some other tips (especially for bloggers/writers) is too look for copy editing/freelance gigs–it’s a great way to make money online that can go towards travel.

Yes, freelancing is a great way to subsidize travel and you can work on the road!

Definitely! I’ve found that copy writing and ghost writing is a great way to earn money while on the road.

Great realistic post! Currently just got back from a trip and am now saving for the next (which will fingers crossed be in the next six months…). Might hold a garage sale to make some extra cash!

Garage sale is always a good idea!

What a great article! My husband & I are saving up for a round the world trip which I can’t wait to go on. It’s hard to save money but when the motivation is there, it can be really fun & almost makes us somewhat competitive to see just how much we can save.

Check out our blog post – 40 ways to save money for travel:

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