Girl at Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Bali
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Yes, I try to be as eco-friendly as possible both at home and traveling.

Good tips on being more eco-friendly. We’re always learning too and always trying to do better.

I think you mention some great ideas, which you would think are simple common sense (but somehow, sadly are not).

When we don’t have the opportunity to travel with our own water bottles, we simply re-use the plastic ones we purchase!

Nothing annoys me more than people dis-respecting the local rules of their own gratification (like the 4 young Americans who decided it was a good idea to not only climb the off limits temples in Tikal, but even scribe their names into the ruins).

As for getting around, we always walk when possible, or public transport 🙂

These are all very pertinent points and I hope more travelers can read this post. There’s nothing worse than seeing foreigners disrespect the nature, animals and people of other countries. I’m all for eco-friendly and sustainable travel. Thanks for your awesome points and for practicing what you preach!

I see more and more travellers taking care of this topic and encouraging it. We try the most to optimize the eco-friendliness of our travels, although some activities and places don’t always help as it is the only option..

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