Jessica Peterson at Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
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We completely agree on all of this! Though we haven’t done the volunteering yet (it’s on the list), this is a great resource for those wanting to go a little deeper into a culture!

Love this. So helpful!

Great tips, especially liked the backpack and sneakers ones 🙂 Also definitely gotta find a local wedding to attend next time!

I agree totally with the sneaker comment! 😉 xx

Volunteering abroad is such a good idea, I’ve considered doing a few months but never really though you could just do a couple of days at an animal shelter which may be a better idea for my first time 🙂 you definitely know how to make the most out of your trips! I also love driving in new countries as it allows you to get off the traditional ‘tourist’ routes!

Heather x

I agree with all of the above, especially with the “don’t look like a tourist” bit. It has gotten me further then most, when traveling.

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Hi Jess, gotta disagree with you on the no sneakers part. Especially when traveling to areas with rocks and potholes. Gotta have em!
I wish I stayed places long enough to volunteer. with that said, though I’d share with you a place sneakers would be needed, likely different than your travel and all but (Lake Baikal trekking)

Hi Richard. I see your point about the sneakers and rough terrain. Truth be told, I did wear sneakers on one adventure (, however they weren’t the bulky white ones.

I just up and moved over to Canada for a couple of month, just ’cause I’ve never lived somewhere other then Ireland my life and I have to agree completely! Living in a country rather then “touring” it is a totally different ball game and is truly amazing.

What an adventure!

Love this post – great tips. Sounds like you’ve had some great travelling times!

Sarah x

Don’t wear sneakers… unless you’re in East Asia haha! I’m not sure about China, but right now New Balance, Nike, etc. are very fashionable in Korea and Japan. But yes, I agree with everything! Going slow and doing what the locals do is a great way to not travel like a tourist.

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