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Great tips! I have an avion visa that I use for everything, even small purchases, to earn points faster. I’ve earned a couple of flights over the years, plus the initial signup bonus!

Yes, credit card bonus offers are a huge part of free travel for me as well. I’ll be writing a lot more about that in a future post!

Reading inspirational travel blogs is a good thing. Professional travelers all have their own techniques of traveling and they can inspire those who want to travel.

great tips indeed. I used to travel for work (not travel related) so I made a few points in air miles and hotels which I use for weekend away. I have a credit card linked to the air miles which helps giving a boost. All major hotel chains have it as well.

That’s right. Even if you have only some points/miles, you can still do a staycation or a weekend away.

These are some good tips, especially the “ask for it” point. That is so fantastic you were able to actually get something out of it! I think mileage programs are important too, especially if you tend to fly one specific airline.

Being a member of an air alliance is very smart. I travel business class several times because of my frequent flyer card. I always travel with SAS and Star Alliance and due to this I have been rewarded a Gold membership. Meaning free access to lounges as well as other stuff. I always use my points for an upgrade on intercontinental flights, and it is so worth it .) I can also recommend to sign up to hotelclub.com, there you get money every time you book a room which you can use for your next booking.

Great tip. Thanks for sharing that!

Yes, you never really know unless you ask, and it’s amazing what politely asking for help does! I get nervous about asking for free stuff, as anyone would, but nice people generally want to help other nice people, and it’s worth a shot.

I know what you mean about the hesitation to ask for something, but I look at it this way: I will never see that person again and as a travel blogger, I’m providing free exposure to that brand!

Great tips!

Leonie ♥

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