Gloria Ferrer Wine and Global Girl Travels Airstream
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Gorgeous photography! It all looks rather sophisticated and glamorous, even though you’re living in such a tiny space! What a cool lifestyle, glad you are enjoying it though!

Thanks so much, Juliette!

You are a very skilled photographer. Your photos speak for themselves 🙂 And a lifestyle I would die for …

Thank you, Neha.

We love a good sparking wine. Gloria Ferrer sounds yummy. Have a great time in Sonoma. Its a fun and gorgeous place. Seeing it in an Airstream is a great idea.

Thank you, Ninjas.

I think you most certainly choose the right word in “decadent” when describing your meal, it looks absolutely gorgeous. And, as some of the comments have stated before me, your photography skills are superb and photographing food, I have found, is an altogether different challenge that other subjects but you did a great job. Looking forward to reading about your next stop along the way!

Wow, thanks Gareth.

What a beautoful gallery. I absolutly love wine??. Intersting post

Thanks so much, Khouloud!

I’ll definitely have to give this a try! Absolutely adore the theme among your photos, so beautiful and vintage-inspired. Keep up the great work dear!

Appreciate it, Leah.

Some fabulous photography, I love those angles from above 🙂 What a great lifestyle you must have too! 🙂

Thank you for your comment, Katie.

Wow this looks absolutely magical. Everything you described sounds right up my alley and I’ve always wanted to live out of an Airstream, so you’ve given me ample inspiration for the future 😉 Sounds like a really lovely evening you had!

It’s a great lifestyle!

I love airstreams! I’d really love to live out of one one day. What a lovely dinner! Your dress is too cute, too.

Thank you, Allison.

I live in New Jersey and have covered a lot in US in the last 2 years – all of it with road-trips!

Happy to read about your journey too!

Aren’t roadtrips the best? I don’t miss airplanes a bit.

These pictures are stunning!!

Thank you, Chelsea.

You should start a food truck! That meal looked amazing and the bubbly must have complimented the mussels so well. Keep on “trucking”, hehe

Ha ha. Thanks, Mar!

Yum, not that’s a tasty looking dinner. The best part about using wine to cook…you “have” to finish the whole bottle. 🙂 Totally cute outfit.

Yes, drinking was part of the job. 🙂

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