San Clemente Pier, California
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what about San Francisco? we have greaaaat things (and free things!) to do here! 🙂
I love the sea lions on La Jolla in SD. they are the cutest!

Agreed. SF is also great. This post was just about southern California but I hope to visit San Fran this year too. Recommendations?

oh yes! I have a bunch of places I can tell you to go! hahaha. But first do the usual sightseeing tour: Golden Gate, Alcatraz, Lombard St, Pier 39. You NEED to! It’s gorgeous.
If you have time go watch a baseball game on the AT&T park the view is AMAZING. I can help you with restaurants, coffee shops and unusual hotspots in the city. Just let me know when you’re here! 😀

Awesome. Thanks for the tips, Jade!

I’ve never bee to SoCal but I really want to for all the reasons you’ve provided. I’m a huge fan of pin up style clothing so I’d love to go shopping and pick up some Bettie Page dresses and skirts for the trip – we have some good stores in London but none as good as this!

You can shop Pinup Girl online too, but yeah, it’s pretty fun in person.

Hey Jessica, great post. Through your eyes, SoCal sounds uber cool. I would definitely check out the wild sea lions. I’m glad they’re protected in their habitat.

Thanks, Suzanne.

Great list! I’d add so much more. I live in Huntington Beach and there is so much to do around here!

Yes, the list could go on and on. I’ve only been to Huntington once, but I imagine it’s pretty fun to watch the surfers there.

Hey Jessica, I haven’t been to California yet. But your blog has added more stops to the bucket list page on my blog. I absolutely have to visit The Edison and soak in the speakeasy vibe. And La Jolla Vibe to watch to take selfies with the sea lions. Awesomeness. Thanks for posting.

Thanks so much, Abby!

I love the sea lion. He looks so friggen happy with himself! I’ve never been to Socal but I’d go just to see the sea lions.

They are cute, but keep your distance. Thanks for reading, Jean.

I went to UCLA and practically lived on In-N-Out Burgers. They are a Socal institution for sure. And those sea lions at La Jolla are just too cute. These are some fantastic tips for Socal.

Cool. Nice to get a thumbs up from someone who knows! Thanks.

I love the Getty Museum and best of all, it’s free to enter. I know In-N-Out has a cult following but I don’t get the appeal. We don’t have In-N-Out in the Seattle area and a lot of my friends are obsessed.

I’ve got the Getty Museum on my bucket list, hopefully this week!

Was it also in La Jolla cove where you can swim with leopard sharks? Would love to do that! Also, I’m not a hipster but I love speakeasies, too! Mostly because the ones I’ve been to make wicked cocktails! Aaaaannnd, in-n-out burger!!! you’re making ma crave for it! 🙁

Oh wow. I don’t know about swimming with sharks there, but I saw divers in the water. Thanks, Sarah.

The view from the Griffith Observatory is incredible! I would love to take photos from that spot. The bar of the Art Deco Hotel looks really neat too. I have a thing for places that offer spectacular views! My husband and his family always rave about In-N-Out Burger, so now I’m really curious. I want to try it! 🙂 Also, that sea lion in La Jolla is so cute! 🙂

Thanks for your comment, Nadine. There’s something addictive about that In-N-Out Burger, esp. for Californians!

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