Tai O Fishing Village, Hong Kong
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Looks really nice! Hongkong is also high on my wishlist!

Thank you. I hope you get to visit soon!

Excellent post about Dubai Fishing Trips!

What I liked most about your post is the images – They are too real. No editing and nothing. Great…

Thanks, Mohuya!

These are such gorgeous photos! I always just think of Hong Kong as a big city. But these really show the natural side too!

I would love to see the white/pink dolphins. That color is amazing. The houses on stilts are so picturesque, but I can’t imagine they are very safe. All in all an amazing trip, I’d love to visit myself.

The fishing village seems like a lovely one day trip activity, and the access is through a glass bottom cable car, make me want to check it out today.

Oh your dress is amazing. I had no idea that there was even edible fish near Hong Kong. Learn something new every day huh? The day trip sounds like a whole lot of fun

Wow the Tai O Fishing Village & Heritage Hotel in Hong Kong looks so pretty. I loved the ittle fisherboats. It is stunning how such a big city like Hong Kong still has so much authentic local charm.

Great pictures of fishing village. It looks like that sailing here is great fun. Tai O Heritage Hotel looks luxurious place and I loved that red drink.

I love visiting fishing villages because they’re so authentic and you get a real feel for local life. Of course, being on the water is so pretty and it’s fun to see all the colorful boats. I would definitely spend a day here in Hong Kong.

I have never seen this part of Hong Kong, it’s interesting to see the fishermen at work. This area makes for unique and colourful photography, you made some beautiful snaps. The Heritage Hotel looks like a wonderful hotel to stay in, the views from the balcony are stunning.

I remember going to a fishing village 10years ago in Hong Kong and I loved it. Afternoon tea at the Tai O Heritage Hotel sounds lovely.

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