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your best ever /…reminds me of our..(. honey – moon ) in ” Municipal Falls” Michigan, Upper Pen. didn’t do the.. sip- line though…but sure brought back memories. thanks

Thanks, Dagmar! I haven’t heard about that honeymoon yet…

Impressive and somehow… very romantic.
I can imagine the humidity there must be quite intense, but when you are rewarded with such a view and you feel somehow “private” there… looks like a really great impression. Nice tip for romantic lovers 🙂

You have been to Palau….its soooooo high on my list. The jungle looks so pristine…I would love to zip line here! Did you also visit the lake where the jelly fish are there?

I absolutely love to zip line. Palau is definitely on my bucket list and we’ll have to do a tour like this. That waterfall is gorgeous and I love that you get to hike down to it afterwards!

One day I’ll get over my fear of heights and go ziplinning. It looked like you had so much fun doing this. The hike and the waterfalls looks amazing!

Wow what a great post. I just completed a zip line in Queenstown so this brought back such memories. I am sorry to read that you got a bruise from your experience, but the photographs do make up for your injury as you look back on the time spent in Palau! Love you blog by the way!

Lovely post and beautiful pictures. Never been to this part of the world, but dying to plan a trip. It seems so beautiful

Ziplining is fun especially if you do it right and do not end up having any injury (of course). The best way is lay flat parallel to the rope facing sky or facing ground. The movie ‘Divergent’ shows it done so excellently. I am sure doing it over such wild forest with a waterfall would be picturesque.

Such a nice and quaint place. Perfect destination for zip lining and trekking.

I am so glad that nothing happened to the Canon and you were okay after falling on your butt. The photos are just breathtaking on your trek. Your husband does look like he is hanging on for his dear life.

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