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Please be sure to mention Sam’s Tours and thanks for coming out with us:-)

What a spectacular day trip in Palau. I have kayaked in both Hawaii and New Zealand and loved both. I can empathise with finding shade for respite from the midday heat and on my Hawaii your I got so sunburned I couldn’t walk properly for two days!

The water looks so inviting! What an amazing colour of blue! I’m always way behind everyone else whenever I kayak…too busy taking it all in? 😀

The bat is actually pretty cute!

You always go to really exotic places! I don’t think I’ve ever read or seen images from Micronesia before, I had to look on google maps and then zoom out to see exactly where you’d been. It sounds like an adventure getting into the lagoon. Brilliant photos and the bat photo is especially good.

I am scared of bats..and that size, OMG! But seriously, the lagoon is so beautiful. What a wonderful sail through it. The place is simply exotic!!

Look at how beautiful and green this area is! It really is stunning, would love to Kayak through 🙂 We kayaked around the Phi Phi Islands and loved it, surprisingly so relaxing! Thanks for sharing, I have added it to my bucket list.

What a beautiful place! I absolutely love kayaking and kayaking to worse, I will have to keep Sam’s tours in mind when we visit 🙂

Going kayaking on a beautiful place like Palau’s rock should be something memorable as Palau is filled with a lot of history. Sam’s Tour would be a great hook up then! Amazing photos!

What an adventure! Such colorful photos! I would love to visit – I’m not a water bug so I’m not sure about kayaking personally, but we always travel with the kids and I know THEY would love this!

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