Hamilton Island
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What an enchanting and luxurious places this is….and so picturesque to. I am sure watching the sunset would have been a great sight

Thanks for reading, Mohit!

Beautiful photos! My partner’s surname is Hamilton so I’m hoping somewhere along the line I may have a claim on this gorgeous slice of the world – I highly doubt it, but i’m going to live in hope anyway!

Ha ha. That would be cool!

I couldn’t scroll down without an effort because your first snap totally held me..and as I scroll down..I find it so difficult to leave this post , gonna bookmark it. This place is so surreal

I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Neha.

Well, Hamilton Island is really more of a relaxing island resort destination. If you want local culture try Norfolk Island (which is home to the decendants of the crew of The Bounty) or the Torres Straits Islands.

Thanks for the tip, Christina!

Hamilton Island looks like such a relaxing and beautiful place to visit! You have some breathtaking photographs too!

Thank you, Katie!

I love experiencing local culture. But I also enjoy a relaxing island resort from time to time. I can see how this trip could be disappointing if you were seeking culture, but it would be great if your looking for a relaxing, stress-free holiday.

Yes, it was relaxing!

What a gorgeous place! I can imagine it a perfect place for family getaway!

Yes, perfect for families.

Did you not do any research before you went? Hamilton Island is clearly not the type of Island you were looking for. I agree with the walking though, we walked everywhere 🙂

Of course I did research beforehand. I went there to see Whitsunday Inlet, which I mention in the first sentence.

My hubby lived on Hamilton island for some time and has told me quite a few good things! I do agree that the beaches and clear waters are breathtaking. The boats in the harbour make me want to go for a sail!

Oh cool. I guess not many people actually live there!

Hamilton Island looks like paradise. We love the mix of rugged natural beauty and modern luxury. We can definitely picture ourselves here on our next Visit.

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