Ansley Sawyer climbing rock
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This was so encouraging! Thank you for sharing such an inspiring story.

Thanks, Leah!

Interesting post! Love the images from Mongolia. I could not live the life of a digital nomad like Brandon, but it’s fun keeping up with his adventures. Thx for sharing.

Thanks for reading, Doreen.

Hats off to you for following your heart. Not everyone has the courage to leave behind the materialistic world and live with just a 55l backpack!!

Yes, Ansley is an adventurous soul!

We can’t wait to see Mongolia. We love Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast. His series on Genghis Khan was so vivid and dramatic and made us fall in love with that area. Your photos of the Mongolians today seem like there from another century. Very captivating.

Yes, I want to go too!

Such a dedicated individual and a refreshingly real piece of writing.

I think it’s important that people realise how less glamorous the life of a travel blogger or photographer truly is!

Thanks so much, Chris.

It is really very inspiring to read about Ansley and her thoughts. Loved the post. I watched the video about Mongolia and found it really fascinating. Great video.

This was such a thorough and introspective post about the DN lifestyle. I myself love the change but I also like to create some roots and feel comfortable, that is why I chose to live an expat life, which I guess can be similar to a nomad, it’s just that we stay at each location longer. But I admire your taste for the unknown and unpredictability, sometimes both can be scary and it is definitely not for everyone.

So inspiring story and so fearless woman, against all the stereotypes that society keeps for women

Thanks for reading, Latrakia.

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