Tamarama Beach, Sydney, Australia
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Beautiful shots and the water looks so blue! I went to Bondi just once but sad I didn’t get to explore the other beaches! Really love that last shot the most. It’s framed so well, your expression and dress are simply beautiful and the background is stunning…a nice contrast between light and dark too 🙂

Thank you for the kind comment, Stephanie!

What a scenic looking coastline! Great shots too.

Thanks, Matthew!

The beach is indeed beautiful. I love the color of the water and the clarity it has. Lucky you !! Must have been a walk to remember 🙂

Love those rock pix! I’ve lived and travelled extensively in Australia for most of my life – but I’ve never done this walk!!! Looks FAAAAABULOUS!

There is a reason this is the beaten path. It is so beautiful. I would absolutely come and see the places in your pictures when I come to visit Australia

These photos are truly amazing! I love the blue water and amazing nature around it. After seeing this all I want is to go to Australia 🙂

This sounds like the perfect place that me and my husband would enjoy going to. The area looks very quiet, which is definitely an added bonus! Oh and great pictures, thanks for posting them!

Wow, the photos are wonderful. This walk along the beach is on our list for a future trip to Australia. Since my husband is a photographer, I better plan a full day to do this since I’m sure we will stop often to take it all in an capture photos of the scene.

There is something about beaches and mountains that I totally love! When there are mountains bordering the beaches on one side, its the best place to be! To go on a morning jog here everyday is the best way to start any day!

I can really see why this path is popular. Incredible rock formations and views for miles. So cool to see people and dogs enjoying it. It seems the perfect spot for a photoshoot. Thanks for sharing.

Your photos are beautiful. You look so at peace in them. What an incredible adventure you are on. I hope to get there and experience Australia one day.

Hey Jessica, whattay a great walk you had. I had been to Bondi Beach and missed this walk. I know where to go next. Thanks for sharing this.

Incredible shots of Bondi beach to Coogie beach. Lovely picnic spot for summer holidays. Great for honeymooners.

This is beautiful. I did the walk from Bronte to Coogee which is beautiful as well. I hate I missed out. I was staying near Bronte and it just made sense to start from there. Now I need to go back to walk from Bronte beach. 🙂

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