Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
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The architecture inside is just incredible. My favorite part is in the lobby area with the towering pillars and the intricate, beautiful designs on the ceiling. Great photos, and thanks for sharing about this.

Thank you for reading my post, Diana!

I’ve travelled quite a bit on the eastern part of the US but I’ve never been to Washington yet but really hope to. It’s a city filled with so much to do and see such as the Library of Congress. You did a wonderful job of detailing it and accompanying those details with some really stunning photography!

Thanks so much. Hope you get to visit DC one day.

Well said. The Library of Congress is a masterpiece indeed. It really wows. I saw it as a kid on a school trip, but I need to get back soon. Its so gorgeous.


I was in DC once – on my way to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Washington DC is definitely one of the great North American cities (one of my favourites – history-wise, along with Quebec City in Canada). The Library of Congress is stunning – as are your pictures. Nice post with helpful info! Thanks for sharing.

I loved Quebec City too!

Three of my favorite things; History, Architecture, and BOOKS! I ran out of time on my last visit to DC, I should have made this a higher priority. Free admission is also nice for visitors, I wish it was open later, then I could have made it in.

I barely made it in!

Love the architecture and the ceilings… it is all so stunning! I would love to visit DC some day. Looking forward to reading your upcoming post all about Washington DC! 🙂

Thanks, Jackie!

This looks like my personal heaven! I didn’t know this was a thing. This may be strange, but I can just imagine that this building just permanently smells like old books. Which if I could bottle that smell up and spray my home with it, I would ?

Thanks for sharing. Definitely adding this to my list in DC!

Ha ha, you’re not the only one.

D.C has been on my bucket list for awhile! You captured the Library of Congress perfectly!

Thanks so much.

Wow I had no idea the Library of Congress was so ornately beautiful! I’m sure the photos hardly do it justice until you visit in person!

Thanks, Shane. Yes, you’ve got to see it to believe you’re not in Europe. Feels like a museum.

Your photos are stunning! The Library of Congress is definitely on my list of places to see.

Molly // Miss Molly Moon

Thanks, Molly!

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