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New Zealand looks pretty mind-blowing. We’ve seen equally incredible (but completely different) breathtaking landscapes very near- in Australia a couple of years ago!

You have some amazing video footage, you were right to release it so we all can enjoy it. I’d imagine you got some great till shots as well, I’d love to see those too. You have a cool accent by the way!

What an amazing video. Sorry to hear you didn’t win. Otherworldly landscapes, indeed. Isn’t it cool how we don’t have to leave our planet to find them? I hope you keep making videos.

That is a really cool video, I like it a lot! Not only those beautiful landscapes you have in there but also the whole cutting and art direction – truly professional. Additional it gives a way better understanding also of you as a person. Very well done!

What a stunngly beautiful video – those landscapes are just surreal! It feels like I am watching a movie. The videography is just pure magic. I would love to visit the space museum – it sounds fascinating. How cool would it be to one day travel to space!

Such stunning places! Claustrophobia is one reason what many don’t complete their dive certification… have a very close friend who backed out after a day.
Hope u see many more awesome places in the world!

Such a stunning beautiful video – if you didn’t win the contest with that I’d hate to think of the standard of what the winner put out! Those landscapes are so surreal and really showcase the beautiful variety that we are lucky to have on this amazing planet and I hope you get to film so many more to share them with the armchair travelers of the world.

What a shame you were not a finalist, but great you released it. That video is amazing! The music, the places…. I totally loved it!

What an amazing video footage. Each and every landscape was breathtakingly beautiful. I was blown away by the mysterious beauty of the barren lands. Stunning!

Dang I can’t believe you weren’t a finalist! The film quality is fantastic–I’m dying to know what you used to film and edit. These shots are giving me some real wanderlust, girl!

The video is perfectly done,shame you did not get into finals. I really love the way you have compiled some of the most stunning locations on earth in such a creative way. Havn;t been to any these places, the virtual tour just makes me want to plan a trip to one of them as soon as possible :).

Some stunning locations. Am I to assume you use a drone for a lot of your footage as well?

Whoa. This was the best video I saw today. It doesn’t matter if it didn’t make it as a finalist. It’s still a brilliant video

Stunning ….Well made video. There is so much of work you have done on it. Sad you did not make it but am sure you will – the next time

What a stunning video! I’m really into it. All the locations are wonderful! You’re a great filmmaker. I’m really looking forward to reading posts about your videography tips:)

Mindblowing. Each of those landscapes are so stunning. The video is also so professionally done. And that diving scene..I held my beautiful and clean.

Girl! You just gave me goosebumps. I was like OMG I am going to subscribe to her channel now! You inspired me, awed me, I don’t have words enough. I wish we lived close may be I would have turned up to you to provide me video tutorials!

Wow! Congrats on a superb video. You know, I have no idea how drones work. Please share!

The video is spectacular and maybe you did not make it to the finals of the Nat Geo contest. However I am sure that you would have missed by a slight margin. I am sure you will make it the next time.

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