White Pocket, Arizona
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Great photos!


Wow! You are an incredible storyteller and your photos are stunning! Before reading this I had never even heard of white pocket. Now it’s a place I absolutely must add to my bucket list!

I’ve not been to the American continent yet! Quite a few of my friends have and I’ve always heard horrible stories about the dry heat of Arizona!!! I’ve never thought of it as a destination. But totally thanks for your post, this place looks fabulous! The rock formations look so interesting and the colors are just gorgeous!

I never thought Arizona was a place I’d visit. But now I would. This piece completely convinced me to visit Arizona! Such beautiful photos. Gorgeous!!

These are marvelous! The layers and colors are wonderful. I wonder how they are formed.

Iza c/o Kathy James (Walk About Wanderer)

White pocket is so stunning and Arizona is so big! The rainbow mountain area with the colours photographs so well, I’d love to increase the saturation on a rainbow mountain photo. I’m sure it’s around here that there is a golf course, it’s this kind of landscape but with green grass around it!

First of all, I just loved your pictures, they are so gorgeous! White pocket does look so wonderful, with the rocks looking so vibrant, both in their formation and the colours. I loved the rabbit and the reflection of the mountain in the lake. Stunning!

The hiking tour sounds well planned, the informative guide, the tents been put up before you reached. The rock formations are incredibly stunning. Nature never ceases to amaze, isn’t it? The landscape looks much barren I wonder how the hare survive!

What stunning pictures and awesome landscapes…reminded me of my recent trip to the Bolivian desert. I love the mushroom shaped rocks…such power wind erosion has! And oh…the reflection of the clouds in the water looks stunning!

Beautiful pictures and fantastic storytelling. Also, this post comes just in the nick of the time as I’ll be in Arizona in 7 days. I am bookmarking this post for my reference. Thanks for sharing.

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