Chinese girl musician at Tianmen National Park, China
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I can easily tell that you are a perfectionist! This film is perfection! I almost have tears in my eyes and you made me want to visit these places so bad!!! I love it!

Wow. Thanks for the kind words, Bella. Hope you get to visit China one day.

Excellent work. Loved it??


Enjoyed it very much GGT, particularly liked the bit with the tea pot !

Thanks, Ben!

Great film Jessica! Love the blog. That’s fantastic you’ve collaborated with Brandon too. Love his work as well. He was definitely a catalyst for my own travel filmmaking. Looking forward to watching your full documentary when we get better internet. Keep it up!

The Tipsy Gypsies

Thanks! Glad to inspire you and hope you enjoy my documentary.

On a side note, we just made Vimeo Staff Picks with our travel vid. If you have a second we’d love for you to check it out! 😀


Such a great film Jessica! I wish I had half as much film talent. Thankfully I’m great at watching travel films ? Love your photos at the end of this blog post. Especially the goats.

Ha ha. Thanks, Jean.

Great video and lovely pictures! I’d love to see the full documentary. China looks like a great place to visit.

Thanks, Maggie.

Wow, what a video. Not only do I liked the music but also
appreciate the efforts you took in shooting the footages. I know making videos
is no child’s play. I make videos myself. But let me confess, I got slightly
jealous on seeing your video making skills. My favorite shots were people shots
(Esp kids) and the avataresque mountains. Superb!

I’m still learning, but thanks so much for your nice comment, Abhinav.

OMG you made that?!?!?!? That is AMAZING. I’ve been dying to get into videography but have no idea where to even start. This is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing! I watched a bit of it but I’m at work so I can’t wait to watch the rest later!

Thanks so much for your comment, Christie!

Wow, such a beautiful movie. You really captered the beauty of China and its inhabitants. The movie really made me want to go there now

Very cool. Thanks for watching, Torgeir.

Such a cool video. Loved it. The expressions, the music, the footage. I am not inclined to go to cHina but now i might be 😛

Thank you, Archana!

Really nice one. You captured the feels of China with the visual as well as combining with the right audio. Great job! Would love to see more. 🙂

Thank you for watching, Tracy.

Amazing video Jessica! It shows the diversity in China. Apart from the mountains, I loved the part walking the steps and the especially how you captured the torn socks on the poor man. Mesmerising!

Wow. Thanks so much, Abby!

That’s an amazing piece of work. 6 more films in works .. Sounds cool. Looking forward to more films and love the way you have planned and executed.

Thanks so much, S!

Great film! China is interesting for a lot of reasons, but given we are only told my conventional media about the pollution and urban sprawl, the vast and beautiful nature is really intriguing to me! Really beautiful photos as well!

Great comment. Thanks for reading, David!

Love this! I am so excited I found your blog! We will head to Zhangjiajie in May. I keep looking at travel websites and am getting confused. However, I did make reservations at the No 5. So fun to see your photos and your endorsement. Sorry I didn’t read this first to get your discounts. We are staying 4 nights total in Z. 2 nights in the middle are at this B & B. The 1st night I am considering Wulingyuan so we can go to the glass bridge and baofeng lake. The last night in the big city to venture to the Tianmen mountain and skywalk. Did you get to these places? Any other recommendations. Your photos are beautiful. Watching the video makes me want to buy a gopro!

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