Jessica Peterson at No. 5 Valley B&B, Zhangjiajie, China
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Everything you said is spot on! I left the US, selling everything, and moved to Asia to be a teacher and Nomad in 2008. Got the idea to blog in 2011 while hitchhiking around the Black Sea for 6 months but soon found it was not easy keeping up with posting while traveling.

Fast forward to 2014, I moved to Costa rica following the advice of just ‘do it’ with no backup plan and found a pretty unhappy position despite being in the happiest country on Earth.

I’m attempting it again now, but with much more savings and a business plan. Hopefully it’ll all come together this time around!

Hey Josh. Thanks for reading and sharing your experience. Kudos to you for having the guts to take a second go at digital nomadism. Wish you the best!

Excellent with everything Jessica!!!


Hit the nail on the head! Best take-away was to establish your brand. Starting a blog while traveling is always cool but if I had my previous better paying job, I could’ve had more options. Still, have to keep it pushing! Thanks for the tips!

Cool, glad to help.

Great guide that shall be followed by many considering to do this leap! So important to finalize things back home before leaving. Love your pictures around the world by the way!

Thanks so much!

Great details for the digital nomad. I’m afraid some people think it is all fun and games! Wish technology had been around when I was younger….I would have totally given the digital nomad life a try! Now my life is more structured by choice with kids and all.

Hi Natalie. Thanks for reading!

This is really helpful – thanks for sharing. I’ve always wondered how people calculate #4 but I guess it makes sense that you just add up all the different pieces you mention and hope it’s close to real life. Gonna pin this for the future in case I ever decide to take the plunge 🙂 Thx!

Thank you, Christie.

These are really great tips. I get so tired of seeing click bait articles that make it look simple and take out all the hard work involved. Your articles are so to the point and resonate with me as a travel blogger working endlessly to succeed. Reality Check here and it is so important to count costs and establish that niche.

Thanks for the sage words, Janine.

Such a great guide! I am starting my own digital nomad lifestyle and this is very helpful. Saved and pinned 🙂

Hi Nuria. So glad this helped you.

I love this! very realistic and also a touch of inspiration! It’s definitely important to think through these things, not that I necessarily did, but it would have been easier if I did!

Ha ha. We live and learn.

This is such good advice! It’s so important to not just throw in the towel and say you are going to do this with no plan! I made that mistake, came home made a plan and am now hoping to give it a more educated try. It’s a rewarding but definitely difficult path!

Hi Kassie. I hope it works out for you the second go-around!

Great tips. I am sure there will be many out there who would think a full time travel lifestyle is very gorgeous and they would be tempted to jump into it right away. It’s always good to look at the flip side and consider everything practically before taking any drastic decision.

Yes, it becomes much more sustainable if you plan well.

Great post and I love your honesty. There are many false prophets out there, the type who buy 15k Twitter followers and then claim to have thousands of active followers. I am not in blogging for money but it just adds to my wanderlust reading blogs like yours. Many of my happiest memories are about when things go disasterously wrong – makes for a great story! It is nice to get recognition though and I am a bit frustrated after 2 years of blogging to still lack many repeat commenters. I am thinking of going more niche on rail travel overseas as maybe I am too general at the moment. I prefer to tell stories than repeat facts to be honest, each to their own though and if people want free attraction visits so they can blog about it good luck to them. I will keep looking at your blog now as I like your style. Wilbur

Hi Wilbur. I get irritated at those same false prophets. It’s easy to lose your joy for it, honestly, but if you love telling stories, you’re right to continue doing that.

Such a Great Post…Thanks for sharing so meaningful and realistic tips.

Such a Great Post…Thanks for sharing so meaningful and realistic tips. Even I used to think that how should I manage the expenditure of my tour. How much I need to save for it and many more other thoughts.. But upto some level your article has cleared all my doubts.

I am about to take the plunge too. I am glad I have all the financial requirements ticked off my list. The hardest part is making money on the go. Thanks for your honesty, I’ve been feeling like a failure reading all the blogs telling: just find what you are good at and go for it.

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