Rainbow Mountains, Arizona
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This is #1 on my North American bucket list! I would be so happy to check these out. Is it as rough a climb as they say?

No climbing to get to these mountains. They’re more like hills. You’ll just need a guide to get you there.

Can I ask how you found your guide for this adventure? What would you suggest to others so that we can carefully and respectfully hike in to see them?

Amazing colours! I knew about a few in the world. I hiked Landmannalaugar in Iceland since I lived there for a couple of years and I’m heading to Perú early next year where you can find another “rainbow mountain” nearby the city of Cusco.
However, never heard about this one at the USA before… Thanks for sharing and being guilty of increasing my bucket list 🙂 I love hiking, and although I’m not in a super very good shape, I always try to find a perfect path where to spend the day walking wherever I go!

Hi Marina. What an amazing experience to hike Landmannalaugar! I didn’t get to do that in Iceland. Was it a difficult hike and what season was it?

Such vivid colors! It’s really amazing what nature can create.

The colors are so vivid! Not just the mountains, but the sky and even the trees, too. All of it combines for quite a beautiful scene.

When the light hit, the hills just lit up.

This is so incredible. Who would think there would be rainbow coloured mountains in Arizona. I know this state is renowned for incredible natural wonders, but this one is hardly ever promoted. The cactus is marvelous as well, adding a touch of greenery to the arid surroundings. I thoroughly enjoyed your post and your blog as whole is so impressive.

Thanks, Janine. I know! Maybe Arizona wants to keep them a secret.

Wow! This is TOTALLY awe-inspiring! I have heard of the Rainbow Mountain in Peru before but this the Rainbow Mountains of Arizona are new to me. I would love to see this in person!

Nadine Smith | ScenesFromNadine.com

Thanks, Nadine!

Oh my gosh, I’ve never heard of this before – these mountains are incredible! I can’t believe the different colours. Great photography too. Nature can be pretty amazing!

Thanks, Juliette. I had no idea they existed until I saw them with my own eyes!

Wow..the formation and the colors are amazing! Gonna put this to my bucket list for next year. It is really a hidden gem especially knowing that we have to go through such inconvenience path just to get there. Love it..love it! 🙂

Thanks, Tracy. The hike was definitely worth it!

This hardly looks real it is so amazing! We travel with a geologist (hubby) and always hear the most fascinating information on sights like these! Gorgeous and now high on my bucket list!

Thanks, Natalie. Yes, my guide was quite knowledgable about the geology which makes it that much more fascinating.

Stunning photography but I guess it’s easy with such a spectacular subject. I’ve visited Arizona a couple of times but missed the rainbow mountains which is such a shame. Top of my list for next time ?

Thanks, Sydney. The hills are a little off the beaten path and easy to miss.

Arizona has some of the prettiest and unique rock formations. I grew up there and love it when people come out to explore “my” desert. Gorgeous photos to capture the rainbow of colors!

I am in fairly good shape for a woman my age (almost 79). I would love to see the Rainbow Mountains/Vermillion Cliffs in Arizona. I know how to use trekking poles efficiently, and I can hike probably a total of 4 miles, 2 miles in and 2 miles out. Is the road really rough getting to the trail are by guide? I do have a problem with my low back if I am jostled too much. Is this trip beyond my capability? My son would be with me. He is strong and a good hiker. He and his wife would be interested in seeing this on their own, if it would be inadvisable for me to try it.

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