bird island, saipan
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thank you for this honest post, the first point really impressed me – you do work like a dog, if I may say so, I have a lot of respect for that!! also thank you for some valuable tips, I also carry around stuff in the shop I don’t like buying 😉

This post does not convince me you are being completely honest. Also it isn’t edited well and you begin almost every sentence with “I.” It is rumored you live in an “affordable housing” community which requires you remain beneath an income ceiling and you must report all of your income. Someone living in affordable housing does not travel the world. Even if you do cuddle and replace all the handbags in the store.

You are now my official travel girlboss inspiration! I don’t know how I stumbled upon your blog but somehow I did. I don’t regret it at all! I’m so intrigued by your travels and the stories that you make as you go along! In fact I’ve bookmarked your blog as a reference for my own as I am just starting out in the Travel and Lifestyle blogosphere. I am learning a lot here and I’m taking notes on what to change for my own blog. Not only that, I’m learning more about what ‘traveling like a pro’ really means. Keep being an inspiration to others! Love from Philippines..

Jena Mae

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