Jessica Peterson of Global Girl Travel at Joshua Tree National Forest Park in California
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Such a beautiful place and fantastic photos! Living out of an Airstream must be so much fun.

Thank you, Leah. I like it so far!

Thanks for reading, Leah.

Can we talk about how amazing it must be to live out of an Airstream! How freakin’ amazing 🙂

xoxo, SS

Southern And Style

It’s amazing. A lot of work, but worth the price of freedom. I’ll be doing a livestream tour soon on FB and Instagram.


Airstream – this is so cool! This is somehow still one of my dreams, to do a looong road trip all over US this way. I am sure, the experiences are fantastic and truly more like discovering than travelling.
Your photos are truly awesome, I like them a lot, everything suits here perfectly! Which cam do you use?

Thank you! I shoot with a Sony a7SII.

Thanks! I shoot with a Sony a7SII.

Never been a camper but I think I would like glamping. Great photos:-)

Can you believe I’ve still never been camping?

Yeah, me either. I’ve still never slept in a tent!

It’s so hard to keep fashionable while traveling, especially camping. Even glamping presents a few challenges. Loved the picture of your Airstream at sunset. Awesome shot.

Thanks, Coleman!

Thanks, guys!

I love Joshua Tree and now I am craving a desert trip even more! I do not look nearly as stylish as you when I camp, but you are good inspiration. Love you desert pics, especially that blue bird.

Thanks, Mel!

I want to go back!

This coat is beautiful on you Jessica! it looks perfect for a balmy 40 degrees! Joshua Tree looks like such a beautiful place. I love the birds and the breeze. I would totally head there wearing this coat and enjoy the brisk fresh air. You definitely were able to keep your style.

Ha ha. I guess 40 isn’t cold for everybody… I’m still an island girl and freeze when it’s below 60!

Thanks so much, Janine. It’s soooo warm.

Great inspiration. My style is usually the first thing to go out the window when camping! Love your style.

So true. Thanks for reading, Juliette.

Ha ha, so true. If I didn’t blog for a living, I would definitely dress down a bit.

I love the boots and coat! I struggle with the no space but still wanting to look fashionable dilemma too. I always love your fashions so you’re doing something right!

You’re a dear, Kassie. Thanks for the comment.

Thanks, Kassie!

Living in Ireland and planning a move to Tanzania has made me realise I have a serious lack of summer clothes. I am a huge fan of the puffer jacket for cold winters. Id love to see a post on your tropical wardrobe as I havent a clue where to start!

Ooh, what an exciting move! Why Tanzania?

Oooh, what a fun move you have planned.

I’ve never went glamping before but I’ve recently considered trying it since it sounds fun!

I hope you do!

Yes, do try it!

Great photos! Joshua Tree National Park is on my places to visit.

Awesome 🙂

Wonderful picture! Thank you for your sharing!

Oh my goodness!! Yes to all of this!! We can not wait to get to Joshua Tree in our camper!!

Oh cool. What kind of camper?

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