Inside an Airstream trailer remodel before and after pics photos
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The interiors are so sleek. Looks like you managed to find a place for everything you could ever need. Really amazing how a small space like that can hold so much.

Thanks so much, Punita. It’s definitely work in progress to fit all my clothes and gear!

This is amazing! It’s a really good way to live a more minimalist lifestyle and reduct your impact on the environment too!
I actually kind of liked the before, but I can see how much brighter and lively it is now that you’ve renovated the whole thing. You did a truely great job!

Yeah, the before wasn’t bad. The Airstream was in great shape, but I like it so much better with white cabinets and lighter floors. Thanks for reading.

That is awesome! I can’t believe you have a washing machine in your Airstream. Complete with cat as well. Great work, looks comfy and a perfect mobile office. I hope you have many great adventures in there!

Yes, the washer/dryer is a MUST. Thanks for reading, Matt!

It looks gorgeous. Definitely was NOT in bad shape to begin with but I’m sure painting it white has made it feel a bit more spacious and open. It really came out stunning. I’d sure love to travel in it. ^^

Thanks so much!

It looks a lot more open with light. The sofa bed looks comfy too, I could spend hours there! I hope you’ve got some good movies!

I’m a movie addict, so yes, many hours spent in the “living room.”

Oh my gosh what a transformation! It looks absolutely gorgeous and soo homely! I have to say the casual pair of legs making an appearance in one of the before shots gave me a bit of a giggle. Absolutely love the idea of you exploring more of the US, hope it’s a blast!

Ha ha. I didn’t even notice the legs! That’s from the previous owner. Thanks for reading, Rhiannon.

Everything looks so swanky! I have never seen a trailer in real life…we dont have them in India. I would love to explore the countryside in one someday! Good luck to you!

Thanks so much, Sonia.

This is my dream! I love what you have done to it with the remodel! The colours are fab. I also love the crockery, all ties in so well. Really looking forward to seeing more of your adventures in it!

Thanks, Claire. I will be sharing more adventures and video soon!

Ahhh this is so cute. I’m on the verge of packing up my life and buying a van. I’d love an airstream. Great job with the remodel!

Oh cool. What kind of van? A Sprinter?

This looks so awesome!! Do you have a home base still or the Airstream your home for the next year or however long you decide to road trip for? And how did you decide to get an RV in the first place? Can’t wait to read more about your adventure!

Hi Diana. No home base yet. We’re giving it a year on the road before we commit to a place. We got an RV because we wanted to explore U.S. National Parks and not be tied down to one city.

This is seriously the coolest motor home on the planet! I love that you have added lots of personal touches. Great to see that you have already started exploring!

Thank you so much!

OMG this is absolutely brilliant great work and I adore this Airstream. Would love to have an idea of what the cost was from start to finish. I know Airstreams are expensive but they are beautiful. Oh and can I say I just LOVE your logo.

Hi Faith. As we are budget travelers, we did a lot of the labor ourselves and saved money. I will publish a post about the costs in the next few months.

well now i want to go blow all my savings on an airstream and get you to do it up for me. I have so been wanting a camper van lately and this post doesn’t do anything to make that longing go away!

Hi Em. It can be quite economical depending on your current expenses!

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