Bali Aria travel film by Jessica Peterson of Global Girl Travels
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Fantastic video! Really enjoyed it 🙂

Thank you, Hannah.

This is amazing. I really would like to visit Bali- it’s definitely on my bucket list

Thanks for watching, Amanda.

This is so beautiful and did such an amazing job capturing the Balinese culture and people. I fell in love with Bali when I visited and can’t wait to go back some day.

Ps- I had to pause in the middle because I was laughing so hard at the monkey with the sunglasses! Too cute!

Ha ha. I’m glad the monkey entertained. I almost cut that shot because I was so far away!

Great video! I am going to Bali in April and have just started making travel videos too with some fantastic new gear. I am hoping mine will look as good as yours does! Really enjoyed watching this!

Enjoy your trip and your filmmaking!

Amazing video, you’ve captured some incredible moments in Bali and the music matches perfectly! Those kids loved being part of the video! I’m looking forward to seeing more.

The kids are just adorable. Balinese people in general are quite friendly.

How wonderful! I’ve always wanted to check out Bali. It looks gorgeous.

Hi, Amber. Bali is one of the most gorgeous places.

This is such a lovely video! About half way through I was going to mention how cute the kids were, then the birds came along, then the monkey with the glasses, and now I can’t decide which part/group I liked best. Great way to capture true Balinese life and culture!

Thanks for watching, Rhiannon!

Your photography and editing skills are amazing. I loved the video!! Awesome work.

Thank you so much!

I seriously enjoyed this video so much! The way the shots are panned (in, out, around) are spectacular! I loved the scenery and the kids, but my favorite shots would have to be the food-related footage around 1:20!

So glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the kind words.

Your video is very well made and captures all aspects of Bali from cultural to leisure activities (love the monkey with the sunglasses!). Good job! I hope to make it there soon – hopefully this year!

Yes, I hope you experience Bali for yourself!

The colors and beauty of the people and scenery is breathtaking. You captured it beautifully! I’ve never been, but it is on my bucket list for sure!

Yes, it is easy to film Bali because it is so colorful. Thanks for watching, Sheila.

As a scuba diver I am DYING to get to Bali

Cool! I didn’t get in the water, so I need to go back.

Love the video! I love videography and am planning on starting my own YouTube channel so this video is an inspiration! Thank you for sharing 🙂

Thanks, Emily. Best wishes on your new YouTube channel.

Wow, your video is beautiful! The colors, the nature, the people, the entertainment, the animals. What an amazing presentation of Bali!

Wow, thank you so much Kristine.

What an amazing travel film. I loved seeing Bali in a different light. I am getting into film making and this really inspired me.

So glad to inspire your filmmaking!

What a nice video. It shows some many different elements of Bali. Places, people and food! I have never been there and maybe never will but, thank you for the peek!

You’re welcome, Rose. Thanks for watching the film.

Great video. I want to go to Bali at some point It looks just beautiful.

Hi, Valerie. Do go if you can!

This is an amazing video. You did an amazing job capturing the culture. Bali is def on my bucklist and I’d love to see this all in person one day!

Thanks, Roxy.

You did a GREAT job capturing your experience. I’ve never been there but I hope to go some day in the future 🙂

Thank you, Divya!

Wow Jess stunning video! You captured my favourite place absolutely beautifully! So glad you showcased all the amazing culture, locals and traditions! xx

Culture is such a huge part of Balinese life. It’s rare to see a place so unaffected by tourism in that way.

What a fun experiences! I love this awesome video! Bali is one of my dream places to travel.

Bali lives up to the hype. Thanks for watching, Nicole.

Loved your video! Bali is on my bucket list. Hope to visit there soon!

Thank you, Anamika!

wow what a cool video this is making me want to book a trip to Bali right now lol. You captured what I imagine it to look like looks amazing

Oh cool. I hope you do!

That’s amazing! Everything about the Bali film hit all my senses and left me wanting more of Bali. Bali has me hypnotize!

Thanks, Zenaida!

Fell in love with your video! Absolutely amazing and LOVE the music that goes along. Glad I found your blog and thank you for making this super cool film. Do you mind if I share your video link on my page?

Thanks, Vania. Feel free to share the video link!

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