Palm Springs, California
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As a nature lover who is keen on hiking and camping, Palm Springs looks to me like an absolute ‘must-do’. Such a beautiful place and your really lovely photographs show this so clearly. I really need to visit, explore and experience what you describe in this post so well.

Thanks, Nicole.

Oh! I’ve been wanting to visit Palm Springs for years! It seems like such a glamorous destination for a girls weekend! Your photos definitely capture that Hollywood Glam feel!

Yes, would be so fun for a girls weekend.

Palm Springs looks so beautiful and like a movie scene. I like so many windmills amidst palms and mountains. Which is the nearest international airport or big city to go there and we need a rent a car to go there or any public transport is there?

I would rent a car. Palm Springs has an airport or you could fly into Ontario or LAX.

I’m currently trying to book a room at the saguaro for a weekend getaway haha. definitely one of my favorite hotels. love all the colors of it!

Cool. I haven’t stayed there. Just stumbled upon it while driving around.

Palm Springs must have been amazing from the 30’s to the 60’s. I love playing golf and it would be a dream to play at a course in Palm Springs and a bonus if I spotted Obama! As always you took some fantastic images, the architecture of Palm Springs is unique and perfect to photograph!

Thanks so much, James!

Once more I must say, I totally love your photographic impressions. They have this beautiful, calm touch and these amazing colours – really beautiful!
Palms Springs looks truly so “californish”, pity just that I did miss to have a closer look when we had a Cali road trip last year.
The wind turbines shot is great, somehow a bit surreal with this natural surrounding…

Thanks for your comment!

I’m sold – these are beautiful!!

Thanks, Erin!

Your photos are so beautiful Jess! Great talent you got there. 🙂

Thank you, Jessica!

Omg the photos though…! This makes me fall in love with Cali even more than I already have. I like the idea of catching a desert sunset you mentioned too.

Thanks, Ashley!

I’ll actually be in Palm Springs this weekend for Memorial Day. Your amazing photos are inspiring me to do more than just chill in the pool at the resort. I’ve heard a lot of great feedback about the Aerial Tramway, but haven’t been yet. Maybe this weekend will be the time I finally experience it?

Cool. How did your visit to PS go?

Well, at least I thought about leaving the hotel. HAHA We were having too good of a time in the pool to leave the resort. The only time we ventured out was to grab some groceries and dinner at a local burger joint recommended by the hotel. Smokin’ Burgers & Lounge. The service was so-so, but the burgers were good. My friends got some burger with jalapenos and it was crazy hot. Totally recommend it if you have the stomach for spicy food.

You have definitely captured the beauty of Palm Springs, it looks so colourful and charming. I am yet to visit California, but Palm Springs will definitely be on my travel list when I do! 🙂

Thanks for reading GGT!

Palm Spring looks like a tropical paradise and you have captured its beauty perfectly. Thereis no wonder Obama moved there. Tself-guided architecture tour to see the former homes of Elvis, Sinatra, and Monroe, as well as mid-century modern gems like the Tramway Gas Station (pictured). A

Palm Spring looks like a tropical paradise and you captured its scenic vista perfectly. There is no wonder Obama moved there. The colorful buildings and modern architecture is another plus. If I ever had a chance to visit California again, I would definitely put Palm Spring on my list.

Yes! It’s wonderful. Thanks for reading, Julie.

Palm springs is a dream! This summer we are so passing by there before our road trip on route 66! Your pictures are amazing and would make anyone want to go! Can’t wait for it!

Cool, what a fun trip. Be forewarned Route 66 gets up to 120 degrees in places. We experienced it about a month ago!

Amazing Pictures! After going through your blog, really want to go at Palm Springs. It’s like dream now.


Thanks, Nitin!

It’s pretty bad that I’ve never dwelled in Palm Springs despite being less than two hours away. I know there’s more to Palm Springs than casinos, retirement homes and windmills. Your posts show very vibrantly that there’s a lot to see, so hopefully it’ll make me go one day!

I hope you see it too, Ling!

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