Global Girl Travels Airstream Trailer at Joshua Tree National Forest Park, California
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You Always have KILLER pictures. always look forward to your posts

I love these photographs! You have such an eye for the beauty of things. I’m sure Joshua Tree helped a little too – it looks like a gorgeous spot to camp. There’s something so alluring about the dessert.

Wow this place looks amazing! I love all the different tones and hues and the shapes are nothing like I’ve seen before! I too like to enjoy nature in silence and solitude. I do not understand people shouting at each other in the great outdoors.

These pictures are amazing. Glad you decided to hike up and could capture those gorgeous pictures. The rich flora fauna of desert life are rare to find. Joshua Trees are enigmatic indeed 🙂

I’ve been seeing lots of photos of Joshua Tree National Park on IG and I’m dying to go! Doing a road trip through the US national parks in an Airstream sounds amazing. We’d love to do that in the next year or two! Your photos are stunning as per usual 🙂

I totally see what you mean about the trees. They are so unique – I love the shape of them, it almost looks like they would be moving. It sounds like an incredible moment spent at the Joshua Tree National Park. The sunset looks so magical – and you managed to capture your photos so beautifully.

I always think of the U2 album when someone mentions Joshua Tree National Park. I visited here on a school trip years ago and was fascinated by the different shaped trees. You have captured them beautifully, you must share one of those sunset shots on instagram!

These are amazing photos! I know that I won’t be able to take this kind of photos. I have not been to a place that is similar to this. What else did you do aside from taking photos?

Iza c/o Kathy James (Walk About Wanderer)

Not only are your videos great, your pictures are equally impressive. I am
an adventure enthusiast and this is exactly the kind of places I like to
explore. I loved theat picture of the backpacker in the middle of the thorny

Its really amazing to click photos like this. JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK is an adventure place and I just love the adventurous things. Trees are unique, great read! Thanks for sharing.


Again, I am here. Thanks for your wonderful sharing and discussion. Your opinion and idea really very great. Thanks for your suggestion. Keep on good work. All the very best to you further ahead.

Krishan Kargwal

The landscape and vegetation of Joshua Tree National Park is just unique. Your photography is just first class and really makes me want to go there and experience the place. There is just so much beauty in nature.

Thank you so much, Nicole

Your pictures are absolutely stunning. I had never heard of this place before now but wow. Its so pretty here

Thank you, Tasha!

Looks like your 5 mile trek got you a lot of drool worthy pictures. Being an outdoor aficionado, these pictures are really impressive, and would love to visit the place some day only to explore the place at my own pace.

Thanks, Arnav!

I love plants and gardening and lush foliage is my all time favorite. I’ve always thought of these types of trees are sort of …dull. Your video and photography shows them in such an artistic light. They are all gorgeous! Thanks for showing them off to their best advantage!

Thanks for reading, Natalie!

Your photos are breathtaking! You have excellent photography and editing skills. 🙂 These make me want to see Joshua Tree National Park and stay in a camper van just like the one in your photo!

Cool. Thanks, Jen.

wow, this is impressive. Love all the beautiful pictures, but most of all the purple sky…how pretty is this?!? I would’ve to visit Joshua Tree, so these many pics are a real inspiration.

Thanks, Arzo!

I always love your pictures! They are so stunning and amazing. I love the shape of those trees! Would love to visit this place!

Thank you, Ha.

wow! Amazing pictures! This national park is high on my bucket list. Hope to visit it next year! 🙂

I hope you get to visit JT, Marlies.

Wonderful pics of Joshua tree State Park! I haven’t been there in too long a time. But I remember how HOT it was during our visit.

Ha ha. When did you go?

you have such beautiful photos! Joshua Tree National Park has its own uniqueness! I just went there few months ago and may go again soon this summer! I still need to see the milky way!

Awesome. I’d love to see JT in different seasons AND the Milky Way! Thanks for reading.

So pretty! We missed this park! We were so close, but had so little time on hand, had to give Joshua National Park a miss…

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