Jessica Peterson of Global Girl Travels at Horseshoe Bend, Arizona
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Your pictures are amazing! Makes me want to pack my bags right now!

Thanks, Jaycie!

That looks incredible. another one for the bucket list

Thanks, Jason.

WOW, these photos are gorgeous! Makes me want to plan a trip and visit AZ!

Thank you, Nina.

How have I been to Arizona so many times and not visited this place! Now its on my to do list!! thanks for sharing

I will be back to AZ for sure. So many gorgeous spots!

Oh wow, what amazing photos! I’d love to go here.

Thanks, Amber.

That looks beautiful (and I love your hair). I worked for the airlines before I had kids and went nearly everywhere but I never made it there. I hope to one day.

Thanks for reading and for the compliment, Julie.

I have always wanted to go there. It looks so beautiful. One of these days I will be able to go and see it all. Thanks for giving tips on where to go and what to expect.

Grand Canyon seems to be on everyone’s bucket list, but sometimes it gets pushed to last, which was my experience!

Amazing shot! I would want to visit someday. This place looks awesome I’ve add this in my bucket list.

Thank you.

These photos are amazing, It definitely makes me want to visit Arizona.

Thank you, Crystal.

That’s one of the places that I’d love to see personally. I’ve seen so many friends go there and just savor the breathtaking view!

I know! I have so much more of the Grand Canyon to explore myself.

You sold me at the first pic! What a gorgeous place to visit. I love exploring unique geography around the world.

Thanks, Laura. Also check out my post about White Pocket, AZ if you love weird landscapes.

Beautiful pictures. I have to visit this when I visit Arizona.

Thanks, Nicole!

Great pictures! I have to visit here. 🙂

Thanks, Chei.

omg what a beautiful place. such a great pictures

Thank you!

Beautiful photos, I would love to visit one day. xx

Thank you, Anna!

Amazing photos! The surroundings look so beautiful and peaceful. I would love to visit there with my family.

It’s a great family spot.

This is pretty incredible! Love the way you captured it.

Thank you!

wooow, i need to go there! 🙂

Thanks, Nicole.

This place is just ah-mazing! I would love to travel here someday and see the fantastic view myself!

What marvelous pictures. It really is a sight to behold, and considering that this is all nature makes once get teary eyed with its beauty.

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