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Very cool girl. I have sold half of my stuff for when I leave at the end of this Summer but I still have some major things that I need to decide what I’m doing with. I’m not moving, just backpacking for a year or so, but I want to get rid of most of my physical possessions. So inspiring you were able to do so!

Cool. Where are you backpacking?

I’m going to be doing kind of the typical “Eurotrip” seeing as much of UK/Europe as possible in 9 months. 😀

Wow. Sounds like an adventure!

One day I will pack and leave, I’m planning in 6 years!

It’s good to have a plan!

Wish I had done the “reverse chronological order” planning when I left Seoul back in November. Instead, I left most things until the last two weeks–definitely the wrong choice for trying to get rid of my belongings! Guam was only a short flight away from Seoul, and you’re making me wish I had hopped over back when it was within such easy reach. Some day, some day!

Yes, Guam is a direct flight away from Seoul. It’s a nice respite from big city life. Seoul is on my bucket list this year. So cool that you lived there!

Hello my name is stephanie. I am trying to move to guam in the near future I was wondering if you knew a few places that are good for a food service job?

Hey Stephanie. I’ve shared tips for moving to Guam and finding a job on The Guam Guide:

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