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Wow it is stunning, and you’re right, I had never heard of it. Glad I came across your site! I love it 😀

Ok I don’t know HOW i have never come accross you before but OH my goodness I’m glad I did! Your videos are works of art! I think I watched 15 seconds of your video before subscribing!

Hi Lauren. Thank you so much! Any topics you’d like me to cover in video or a post?

Hmmmm interesting! I’ll have a think! I love discovering the new places through your channel, one of my favourites was the sound of Iceland. I also make videos (of recipes!) and would love to know more about your equipment and filming process?

Hi Lauren. Thanks! I shot “The Sound of Iceland” with a Canon 7D Mark II and Sigma 24-70mm lens. I’m now shooting with a Sony A7s and Sony Zeiss lenses. I shoot all of my B-roll myself, then my husband or DP shoots me. I’ve got more tips for indie filmmakers on the site now. Please enjoy!

Amazing thank you so much! I’ll definitely check out your tips!

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