11 Things to Eat, See & Do in Saipan
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Love this post. I am living in Japan and I think I will have to visit before I go back home for good! Saipan here I come!

Great article! And good news: Bird Island IS accessible! It’s just a short hike to the base of the beach and during low-ride, you can, very carefully, walk through a battlefield of urchins, coral and sea cucumbers! I recommend planning a trip down to the island the next time you’re able to visit Saipan 🙂

Thanks for sharing that, Bethanie. Good to know for next visit!

Beautiful scenery! The best part about Saipan and its attractions is that it always seems so silent whenever I visit (during times without an influx of tourists). It is almost like I am having a special moment of silence in areas filled with history. Also, loving the photos!

Yes, Micronesia is so uncrowded. Some beaches make you feel like you’re on a deserted island.

Great photos. Made me miss home.

Thanks, Lori.

i miss saipan

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