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Where I can find a vacation package to Saipan and in installment payments…?!?!

Depends on what type of vacation package you’re looking for…

Not sure about installment payments, but many people visit Saipan through Guam. You may be able to get a package that includes both islands.

Check tripadivosr for saipam, I found an excellet resort to stay there and have such an amazing time! Hope you have as much fun as I dod

How much does a one week package start atv for saipan

I visited Saipan in 2003. It is probably still the most perfect beaches I have ever seen, and they were completely deserted. I spent 4 days there with a friend, and after only a few hours the locals were coming up to speak with us because they had heard that there were “British girls on the island” – this was so unusual that they desperately wanted to speak to us! They asked us about Princes William and Harry, genuinely thinking that we might know them 😀 I had an incredible few days there. I would blog about it, but my pictures are all pre-digital camera ones.

You are right Jessica, I’d never heard of Saipan. I knew about Guam from the famous t-shirts and the Adam Sandler movie Pixels. Saipan looks more popular with tourists coming from the east, like you said. It sure does look peaceful and I’m sure the fresh fish tastes great. I love fresh fish with lots of salt!!

I’ll give you that, had no clue about this place. Saipan looks beautiful and very much like the South Asian islands but the water is equally pretty and there’s something about island life that always comes across as relaxing. Loved the photos especially of the local with the net.

Interesting, I didn’t know that this part also once belonged to Germans, but this place looks fantastic.
Your photos are incredibly beautiful, would you tell me which camera and lens you are using?
Really well done!

woaaaaaah!! these photographs really make my want to visit Saipan! It looks amazing 🙂

Wow! Saipan looks like a surreal world away from our bustling city. The azure crystal clear waters and the sandy beaches makes for a perfect getaway. It is also fun to get an insight into the life of the fishermen while we soak up the sun at the beach. Your captures of the island are awe-inspiring.

Such gorgeous photostory! What popped into my eye where the fish in the sand. Really curious why he did that. Even if I’m typing these lines from a Sunday evening in my London flat, I kind of get the travel vibes from sitting under one of the palm trees. Thank you for that.
Hope the week ahead will be a great one! 🙂

The fish flops all over the sand and often make it back into the water and swim away. The hole in the sand will keep them contained so none can escape. Usually, the fisherman keeps the fish in the hole as he cleans and straighten his net for the next throw. After that, he collects the fish, cleans the sand off them and places them in a small bucket or a plastic container that he brought along to holdctge catch.

Wow, the beaches and water of Saipan look pristine! Did you do any snorkeling or are there any dive sites there? Either way, Saipan is a beautiful looking island.

You are right! I haven’t heard of Saipan. Looks like a wonderful place to go to. Thank you for putting it on my radar

I have heard the name Saipan but that’s about it. I love the idea that it is a mix of cultures. The beaches look stunning!

Yes ,
it’s a perfect place for

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