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Thank you, Jessica, for useful tips. If I may, I would like to add couple suggestions:
1. using public transportation is a great way to save money and, sometimes if you lucky, make some local friends along the way
2. perhaps not for everybody, but couch surfing could be an alternative solution to sometimes pricey accommodations.

How did couch surfing go for you? I’ve never done it.

It’s amazing how much you can save when you book in a low season, and yes I agree that it is always a big money-saver to cook a few meals rather than eating out every night when travelling. We also always have breakfast in, and often pack a lunch for the day of exploring.

Thanks for your comment!

There are some important points here, I also travel off season and everything’s not only cheaper but quieter too. Like you said booking hotel in advance can save money as well as last minute. I agree with taking only hand luggage too, so long as it’s a short trip.

Thanks for reading, James!

Hi Jessica, good post and nice pictures – as usual. I always book as far in advance as I can too – it definitely works out cheaper; low season is another money-saver (with the added bonus of not having to line up to see attractions, rides etc.). Good read. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much, Raymond.

Some great tips here! I try to book in advance where possible but as I’m super flexible when it comes to my dates and where I go, more often than not I take advantage of super last minute deals and fly off on a whim. Travelling hand luggage only is another big one! Not only do you save money on checked luggage but limited space means you’re less likely to splash out on souvenirs.

Hi Rhiannon. Which destinations have low last-minute fares in your experience?

Some really good tips, for this broke college student!

Ha ha. Glad to help, Jonnie.

Awesome tips & advice! I’m definitely going to keep these in mind for when I travel again this Spring. I’m always happy to save money while travelling!

Cool, thanks for reading Jackie!

Great tips. I have always been frugal but recently started traveling on a budget. I am practicing some of the things you mentioned here like traveling off season and also shopping late into the season for better bargain deals and discounts…its working well 🙂

Glad to hear you’re saving money, Neha!

Agree with everything here! Some great tips, particularly not travelling during peak season – you can save so much money on everything! Hand luggage is good too – I’ve painfully paid $100 for luggage for a flight before!

Ugh, I have too. Such a waste!

Great info!! I always plan in advance and do find that it saves a lot of money. The whole ‘shop late deals’ piece scares the heck out of me although I’m sure you can get good deals that way too 🙂 And off season does make such a difference! One of my go-to travel buddies is on an academic schedule so we travel every July and it is SOOO pricey then, oh my gosh.

Yeah, it can be scary to shop last minutes if you NEED to be somewhere at a certain time.

Great tips, I also try and a save money planning my next holiday. Always book in advance

I usually abide by all of these tips when I travel. Traveling out of season is the best for saving money. I am always very flexible on my dates too which helps save money also

Yes, definitely! Thanks for reading, Tasha.

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