3 ways travel can combat depression
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Travel is such a mood lifter. When I was in investment banking, I used to be stressed so often that at times, it would impact my health. Travel helped me so much. I have taken a one year sabbatical to travel and never felt happier. Now ….I dont want to stop travelling 🙂

Oh man, that sounds stressful! Where are you traveling during your sabbatical?

Time away from social media is really important, and a hard one to self impose (especially for us bloggers!). I find that travel allows you to have a clear head and to think more too, which can always help with depression.

Yes, thank you for your comment.

I agree that time away from social media is so important – people can become so obsessed with it they don’t see what’s going on around them. Learning to cope with the unexpected is such a good point too! I found that travelling has really helped me to that and see the bigger picture in stressful situations.

Yes, thanks for sharing this.

Some great pointers, particularly getting away from social media. That’s probably the most effective but hardest thing for most people to do too. I think travel opens up your mind to bigger picture thinking and allows you see a lot of issues from a different perspective.

Yes, perspective! I try to remind myself to “zoom out.”

Interesting article and I can see your point. However, depression hit me right when I was travelling and I have to say that getting better, heal while you are on the road is the hardest task I had to face in my life. Anyway, love your blog and design! 🙂

Thanks for sharing your experience, Sabrina. Travel definitely isn’t a cure-all for anything. I’d be interested to hear your experience if you’d like to share it.

I couldn’t agree more that travel can help fight depression. I also applaud you for bringing up the topic and not sweeping it under the rug as most mental health issues are. I agree that getting away from social media can help in combating depression and can even be helpful for someone who is not traveling. I also love your photos btw!

Thank you so much, Jacklyn!

This is very timely as depression does spring on sometimes around the winter months. I find travelling so helpful to combat symptoms. I agree with unplugging from social media for a time as difficult as it is to do in this day and age!

Yes, the gray skies and cold weather definitely don’t have a “cheering” effect.

I totally agree – travel helps fight depression and occupy your mind with other things. I love being cut off from social media, it makes me feel a sense of peace. I just wish I had the discipline to switch off SM when I’m not traveling!

Oh me too. I don’t think I’d care about social media if it wasn’t part of my job.

So true. I am please that conditions such as depression is more widely spoken about. As a nurse I find that hidden illnesses rather than a broken arm or leg is not widely spoken about.
I really agree that moving away from social media can help. Everyone only posts only the positives or negetivey about their lives giving you a warped view.
Also getting away from the problem can help.

I’m glad the post was well received (by nurse!). Thanks, Kathy.

Nice read

Thank you

I think travel is a wonderful tonic for many things, depression amongst them!

Lately I’ve been reading regularly about anxiety this generation now have when they lose access to Facebook, Instagram, etc which I find incredible!

As you’ve said, disconnecting is great!

Thanks for your comment, Chris!

Never thought about this before, but it’s true. Much of travel gets you focused are basic, real and relevant problems like where am I going to sleep and what am i going to eat. Getting down to basics is mentally liberating for sure.

Yes, focused is right, but I also find travel so highly stimulating that I forget about the more mundane things back home.

Travelling to any place even if it is just for a short period of time can instantly rejuvenate you and make you feel so much better about your life, ease your tensions and wrecked nerves. Combating depression with travelling is the best way to find a completely new person.

Yes, thanks for your comment, Vyjay.

There are aspects to travel that certainly help with my depression, much like you’ve mentioned here. On the other hand, the stress of travel can also build up and worsen depression – though that usually manifests on the return home.

Thanks for your candid comment, Jennifer. I agree that the stress of travel sometimes outweighs the benefits.

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