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Author got the story about Two Lover’s Point wrong. The Chamorro beauty chose her Chamorro male boyfriend over the Spaniard and they committed suicide by tying their hair together and jumping from the cliff. The woman who killed herself was not the Spaniard. Nice photos, though.

The woman who killed herself was Spanish and Chamorro. Read more here: http://www.twoloverspoint.com/legend.htm

Thanks for pointing this out. I guess there are different versions of the story about Two Lover’s Point, and I heard a different one. This is not recorded history with details, possibly just a fable or fairy tale. Others in this category are about Sirena, and the fish that ate the island and gave Guam its present shape The name Puntan Dos Amantes has been questioned by historian Paul Carano, who authored the first History of Guam. He stated that the correct name was Punta De Los Dos Amantes. Many on Guam have also mistakenly referred to the Fort Santa Agueda in Agana Heights as Fort Apugan. Actually the fort was on Apugan Hill, but people not knowing the actual name simply said Fort Apugan. All the Spanish forts and fortifications on Guam are named after Spaniards (Soledad, Santo Angel and San Jose in Umatac, as examples). Apugan is one of a Chamorro place names given to various spots on the island. Tutujan is another place name of another part of Agana Heights. Great article, and photos. I am glad that she wrote it and that it got some publicity for Guam.

Thanks for the research and for reading Global Girl Travels!

Although i agree that Guam is a nice place to visit….maybe 3 months top..but living here is a totally different vibe….

I thnk she lives on Guam… Read under the article. xD The about the author section.

But apart from that, the article was very good as a tourist’s three day guide. Gets in a lot of the tourist attractions.

Wonderful article! Thank you for coming to Guam and even trying out Guam Seawalker Tours! Hope you enjoyed it!

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