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travel blogging seems like so much fun!

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I love how honest and realistic you are with this post, it’s some truth that travel bloggers need to hear. I’m still quite new to the game, trying to figure out my niche. I guess I’m somewhere within the budget-introvert-socially anxious-eco traveller-biologist genre. I’ve certainly thought about it a lot, but I’m still taking my time to truly develop my voice and settle on a niche. This post helped me think about it from a more straightforward perspective. Thank you!

Hi Marie. Thanks for your comment. It’s hard not only to find a niche but to stay in it. I think once you connect with your audience, it’s perfectly find to vary the theme.

Great advice, I love to travel now I want to blog about it.

I’ve just started travel blogging and this article has helped me think in different ways in terms of what my niche could be! I guess I’m somewhere within luxury travel and around the world travel. I’ve just recently discovered your blog and am learning so much reading your older posts! Love you blog!

Thanks for reading GGT. I would be a luxury traveler if I could afford it!

Just found your blog and love it. My blog is still finding its feet, but enjoying it all the same!

Thank you!

Hi, we are Hugo & Elise, and our blog is about us travelling the
world and inspiring you to do the same! Our goal is to make you (even
more) enthusiastic about living a life full of travel and adventure by
inspiring text, photography and movies. We focus on photography and inspiring movies and write about places off the beaten track. Have a look on our blog

Hi Hugo & Elise. Thanks for sharing.

Great advice and what a great story about how this all began for you. I have recently transferred my blog over from a personal diary into the public eye for all to see. This post has provided clarity on where my blog now lies: round the world travel for couples.

À la perchoine, Jodie

Hi Jodie. Thanks for your comment and cheers to travel blogging!

Love this post! I’m in love with Tofino located at British Columbia, Canada, and there are few pages about it apart from the official tourism ones (there is one just for Tofino and then one for Vancouver and another one for BC). But as I’m from Spain, I think I could give another point of view and mix what locals, visitors and adventure/nature lovers want and make a whole and comprehensive Tofino Guide. Even with kids and pet friendly activities! What do you think? 🙂

The great thing about blogging is you can change directions at any time. I started as a fashion blogger and realized that wasn’t my niche — it was travel. I didn’t regret the time invested because I learned a lot about photography and could apply that to my travel blog. I say go for it if you have a well-founded hunch! Best wishes on your endeavor.

Great advice…

We, travel bloggers have different niches not just “TRAVELLING”….

Also, you’re right that you should not just stick in a single niche maybe two or three but you should never pick it all up and scramble it in one blog.. It will be a mess.

In my Blog ESTUDYANTE TRAVELSx , I mostly blog a destination emphasizing photography ( mobile photography to be exact).

When you’re done on picking a specific niche, make it work. Think of your unique ability on how will your project those things on your blog….
Happy Travelling

Yes, great advice!

This is a good reinforcement of why I enjoy the blogging community. My site,, has a travel backdrop and emphasis on the specific niche of crocheting enthusiasts worldwide. My expansion plan is to learn more about regional crafts, worldwide. So much fun ahead!!!

amazing post, would appreciate if you could all have a look at my travel blog, I was long haul cabin crew for 18 years and have some great travel tips to share

More great sense! Thanks Jessica.

Oh good. Thanks, Wilbur.

Just found your blog today and subscribed. I’m just trying to find my feet with my blog. I’m enjoying writing but I’m struggling to identify whether this is a hobby or a more serious venture so the points about sub-genres of travel blogging was really helpful.

Nice post, stating much information for us newbies. Thanks for sharing this post.

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