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Really well written and extremely informative. I am not American but your points are indeed extremely worrying for the whole world.

Thanks for reading, Natalie!

In a rare moment when Melania actually spoke during a family interview, she was asked what is one thing she would change about Donald and she said his twittering. It may be a pun on him that she is fighting what she hates about him. You make very excellent points here.

Yikes, that’s crazy. At least she can admit it’s a problem.

It is going to be an interesting time for sure. Coming from a country where voting is compulsory, I am often amazed with how many of the most vocal supporters or detractors in the US never participate in the voting process.

Mind you, I’m flabbergasted at how many people view politics and policies merely in light of how it will benefit or hurt them as individuals, rather than a country or the world as a whole!

Despite being an Australian, my own future travels to the US have already been restricted having visited Iran (no more ESTA for me), so I wonder if that will become even more restrictive under Trump…

When a change a president in a country, it can be change in every sectors. so i think trump try his best to keep safe the travel sectors and give the best security for the visitors.

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