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So in love with that Boden sweater… for any day of the week. I shared my Ideal Travel Outfit on my blog and it’s definitely so nice when you finally find that perfect outfit that’s versatile, comfortable and still put together for frequent travel.

Great tips! While I would never be considered fashionable, I like to wear a comfy Patagonia dress (doesn’t wrinkle) with leggings and a scarf. The leggings and/or scarf can come off it’s hot.

Good tips for travel outfits. I also stick to cotton and natural fiber shirts, they breathe better. To save space in my luggage, I usually wear my bulky shoes (boots or booties) for the flight.

Some great items here. Comfortable shoes are a must for me. There is a need to be practical but at the same time stylish. Thanks for sharing.

I think traveler’s develop a travel uniform after a while.. mine is a short sleeved shirt with my logo, sweater over it incase it is chilly and my favorite travel pants by REI… and boots or low hiking shoes… both with comfy socks!! Leaving the accessories at home is a great tip… too much to mess around with for security.

I love this post. Now I want to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. I travel often for work so it is important to look stylish, you never know who you will meet!

I have been following your posts for quiet sometime now. I love the way you advise on dressing at various occasions. I normally don’t think twice before putting something on, whatever be the occasion, but looks like you will compel me to 🙂

All great tips! I’m always astonished when I see people wearing flip flops on the plane. Yes, you may be going on a beach vacation, and yes, that might be what you’d wear on the beach, but really, on the plane? Bacteria and germs aside, how do your feet not freeze?? Anyway, all that to say I agree with your suggestion to stay away from flip flops on flights 🙂

Immensely helpful. Striking that balanace between chic and comfy is never easy. I will remember these tips next time I travel. Thankyou!!

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