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I know this is an older post but I am just so glad to see a positive post about Auckland! Pretty much every blog I’ve read berates my hometown saying it’s boring and ugly, so it’s nice to hear that someone liked it. If you ever go back try going to the suburbs or west coast beaches 🙂

Hi Zoe. Those people are stupid and don’t know what they’re talking about. Thanks for reading!

I love how you capture the essence of Auckland, New Zealand. I ve never been but the photos give a good impression. And OMG the mussels look to die for!!

Auckland is indeed a beautiful country. A cousin of mine moved there and can’t stop talking about how awesome the place is! I still haven’t been yet!
//Seattle meets Barcelona// – Whoa! That’s one heck of a description..

A good friend of mine is moving over to Hamilton, NZ soon and I’m planning to visit in November. My flight will have to be via Auckland and I’ve been wondering for days whether to spend some time there or just head straight to where I need to be. You’ve definitely helped me decide I need to spend at least a day there! It looks so wonderful, and is not somewhere you read about too often.

Auckland sounds like a really cool place. We also have a pub with ice cream flavoured beer in Stockholm and I love it. Great post and I love your pictures!

I have read good reviews about using a Campervan when exploring a new city or doing a road trip. I hope that I can visit New Zealand someday too. I’m a nature lover and I know that New Zealand has a lot of beautiful landscapes.

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Beer that tastes like ice cream? That sounds too good to be true! How did the road trip go without a stereo, or did you end up playing music through your phone? Wonderful images as always, my favourite has to be the pizza and Peroni!

Beautiful place – love your photos! I love Auckland because it feels so light, airy and calm (for a city!). Beaches and beautiful parks are never far from the busy streets. Great suggestions for a prefect day trip.

New Zealand in general is such a stunning place. I love your pictures, it captures the capital beautifully. Do you know that they don’t have any snakes? My husband would love ice-cream that tastes like beer, I think that would be a dream for him 🙂

The food scene looks so awesome! I guess coffee in al fresco cafes and sampling food would be on the top of my list. And oh..the sea….I would love to go sailing too! Loved the pictures!

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